The Trolls

Tummy Troll #chubchunchua

While people generally eat to live, I live to eat.
And so, I’m never satisfied with a sub-standard meal. This wasn’t a problem back home in Singapore, where I always get good food thanks to my mum’s culinary expertise. Even when she’s not cooking, Singapore’s hawker centres and kopitiams are more than adequate as alternative food sources. But here in the UK, where the only Leticia I have is myself and a plate of char kway teow costs five times as much, cooking is a necessary skill. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t a total stranger to the kitchen (I experimented a little in the kitchen back home, and I sort of grew up watching cooking shows), but occasional mishaps do happen and they have proven to be valuable lessons. As I learn more about cooking bit by bit, I have progressed to attempts of replicating flavours
from home and other memorable dishes.

Aside from food, I enjoy photography, particularly potraiture and food photography.
Hence, it’s no surprise that most of the photos you see here are my works.
I’m also interested in travelling, not just to see the world, but also to taste the world.
It’s all gotta do with food!


Tummy Troll #phangchewfat

I am phangchewfat, or some may affectionately call Chewy. I love food. Love eating. Cooking is naturally also one of my loves. I really didn’t proclaim to be that interested in cooking actually – My dear mummy Jenny is an excellent cook and I really don’t have to lift a finger to have delicious food at home. She makes the best Cantonese dishes, the best beef rendang and curries, the best homemade chilli paste even. I grew up eating the best food my mother lovingly cooked for me, and it’s no wonder that I am always trying to recreate the taste of her cooking in mine, when I’m 2000 miles away from home.

You might recognize me by my over-enthusiastic musings in my posts, my wrinkled and coarse hands, or the creative recipes that I proudly claim ownership over. I love playing around with seemingly mundane or boring ingredients and transforming them into palatable and unique dishes – The kitchen is my playground and I’m always on the lookout to challenge myself with new recipes. When I’m not cooking, I’m most likely seen at hawker centres gorging on my favourite hawker delights, which I shan’t bother to name here because it’s going to be a non-exhaustive list. I also have a great passion for literature and poetry, music, travelling and adventure sports (especially caving).

Hate it with a vengeance when people leave crumbs or minute bits of food on the plates. (I’m looking at you, JC.) Also aspires to be skinny. To which all my friends say: “Fat hope!” How mean, but how true. Sigh.


Mystery Troll #thelump

Unlike the tummytrolls, mysterytroll has no passion for food – he eats to prevent gastric.
Despite his lack of passion towards food,
he sometimes find the process of cooking enjoyable, otherwise simply a hassle.
Mysterytroll’s problem lies in his laziness to put in effort to cook.
Where possible, he disregards recipes and always prefer a meal that can be done in the shortest time with the least amount of hassle and cleaning involved.
Unsurprisingly, his dishes are mostly either disastrous or abnormal.
Occasionally, he produces something edible if he decides to put in effort.
How did he end up with the tummytrolls here?
A mystery.


4 thoughts on “The Trolls

  1. Sin Yen says:

    Great blog, guys and girl!! Totally loving it. XD

  2. Oktupos says:

    HELLOO omgosh just stumbled upon this when looking up nian gao recipes LoL. Amazing blog guys!!

    – fellow Singaporean student studying in the UK :D

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