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Step-By-Step Recipe: Chinese Steamed Sticky Rice Cake / Nian Gao (年糕)

18284_535693313130632_647927807_nLooks familiar to you? This is a traditional Chinese New Year delicacy known as Steamed Sticky Rice Cake, or Nian Gao (年糕), made from glutinous rice flour. If you’re in the UK like us, you might have realized that it’s not easy at all to obtain this Chinese New Year goodie anywhere. I reckon some shops in Chinatown (London, Manchester, Newcastle etc) would stock imported or home-made versions for deprived hungry Nian Gao lovers but it is definitely very expensive, not so good for poor students on a budget. Good news then, it’s actually not that difficult to recreate this in your kitchen using the “short cut” method of caramelizing the sugar first. What’s more, you need less than 5 ingredients, and a hardy steamer. It’s mostly sugar, flour, some time and a lot of patience – Try making it yourself too!

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