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Step-By-Step Recipe: Baked Apples with Red Wine & Cinnamon


Winter is fast approaching and the skies have turned ebony black so much faster than I have expected. Temperatures have also dipped so quickly – Looks like it’s another painful long winter in the UK this year! To combat the perpetual cold and gloominess, I have turned to one of my go-to-desserts that combine 3 of my favourite food items into 1 dish: Red Wine, Apples and Cinnamon! When served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the sweet, sticky and slightly alcoholic dessert really hits the spot!

What’s more, it also leaves half a bottle of red wine for me to gulp down as plain water – No, I mean to sip and enjoy in the night. ;)

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Step-By-Step Recipe: Soya Milk / Soy Milk (豆奶 , 豆花水 , 豆浆)


After what seemed like an eternity of hiatus on this space, we’re back! We apologize for the lack of updates these couple of weeks – The start of another school term always sends us into a mad flurry with (last minute) work and rushed assignments. Not to mention how many microwave meals I’d been having… My mother wouldn’t be proud.

Anyway, we were nursing a really strong craving for Soya Milk a while ago. Okay, maybe just me. I was dreaming of drinking fragrant, piping hot soya milk for breakfast – It’s something I’d come to take for granted while I was growing up in Singapore. I always preferred fancier drinks with the likes of Starbucks frappes or KOI bubble tea despite the fact that they probably also cost 5 times as much. Ever since I came to the UK, I came to miss nothing but soya milk (beverages wise). Which comes as a surprise to me as well – I’d never missed drinking Bubble Tea but here I am constantly thinking of the poor man’s soya milk! It doesn’t help that the soya milk we find in the UK can be rather overpriced or another thing altogether (I’d tried several brands of soya milk and the taste is just different).

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Short Recipe: Pan-Grilled Fig & Veggie Salad, in Fig Vinegar

I first discovered the wonders of a perfectly-done Grilled Vegetable Salad at Kith Cafe in Park Mall, an unpretentious cafe and diner at Dhoby Ghaut in Singapore. And I have been in love since! Why is that everything that’s been grilled tastes so good – Chicken wings, seafood, meat on skewers (satay), and even vegetables! And I’d been attempting to make my own, although with little success since I don’t have a grill. *hic*

But it’s alright… I’ll make do with what I have, so why not “pan-grill”? This is a 100% unorthodox method and the goods sure don’t taste as good as its properly grilled counterparts, but this should cut it for people who don’t have grills or broilers at home. Most of all, you get to savour these commonly neglected vegetables at their very best – Caramelized, slightly crisp, and drizzled with a light glaze of Fig Vinegar. Enjoy!

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Step-By-Step Recipe: Healthy & Lazy Tofu Panna Cotta (Vegan/Vegetarian)

As I’m writing this now, I’m actually in the midst of revision for the big Finals (examinations). It’s really universally painful to be a Law student… The readings, they just don’t stop coming. The cases, they just don’t plant themselves into your heads when you need them. The intelligence, where did it all go when I finally decided to start studying proper? Sigh, there’s too little time left!

You might say “serve you right” since I spend so much time idling in the kitchen over the stove. You’re right. But I don’t always have the luxury of time to stir kaya religiously over a low flame, sad to say. And the recent frozen pizzas I’d been munching on just leave me feeling so empty… It’s like my stomach is full, my tummy is spilling all over but my soul is bare. I think that’s when Tofu Panna Cotta came into the picture and rejuvenated my life!

Panna Cotta and Tofu isn’t the most conventional combination when it comes to making the famed Italian dessert, but it works just as well! Even better if you’re trying to shave off the calories incurred from over-indulging (and in my case from fat-laden frozen pizzas). Tofu Panna Cotta follows a fabulously easy and lazy recipe, and is surprisingly smooth and addictive considering how guilt-free it is (compared to most other sinful desserts that is). Vegans will be pleased to know that I have also come up with a Vegan variation this time. Enjoy the pictures and short recipe below!

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Short Recipe: Oriental Cold Tofu Salad (with Simple Oriental Salad Dressing)

The above image is a little misleading – Firstly, the brown chunks that look like grilled chicken are actually toasted bread that I’d torn into bits and shreds in an attempt to create croutons. They’re clearly not croutons but were still tasty… Surprisingly they came out looking like grilled chicken in the picture so I guess it isn’t such a bad thing after all?

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