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We’re eating… Thai Green Curry Fried Noodles (“Green Noodles”)

Fresh egg noodles tossed with julienned spring greens in Thai green curry paste, with a generous sprinkling of my favourite deep-fried shallot garnish

Math was never really my thing in school, and out. You’d see me cringing if anyone mentions anything vaguely related to algebra or calculus. I call it the “gag reflex”, the same way any sensible adult reacts to someone saying “Justin Bieber”. Now you Beliebers don’t go hating on me…

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Step-By-Step: “Salmon trapped in sea of Green Curry”

I know it’s sounding a bit ridiculous right now. What’s this… “Salmon trapped in sea of Green Curry”? What a mouthful. It’s basically just Salmon Wrapped in Spring Green Leaves, Baked in Whole-Grain Mustard & Thai Green Curry Sauce. And I think that’s a longer and even more annoying name so I’m going to stick to the wonky name I gave it.

Anyway this is one of my creative pursuits again. It might not appeal to the masses but I’m pretty sure this fusion dish with a Thai twist will gain some support from people who can’t stand the fishy odour in their fish. I’m a classic example – I love fish that’s fresh and prepared well, so bring on the sashimi, the fish and chips… But some fish are just too fishy for my liking. People like me would appreciate that the fragrance and richness of the Thai green curry masks fishiness absolutely well.

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Short Recipe: Pineapple Fried Rice

Fried rice is a simple and nutritious dish to make – you get to clear leftover rice from dinner the day before, and it combines carbo, protein and fibre all in one wok. This dish, a signature dish of Thailand, adds a twist to your usual fried rice with two simple ingredients – pineapple and turmeric powder. These ingredients colour your rice and make the rice more aesthetically pleasing and tastier as well.

There are different methods to cook the pineapple rice. As I was using leftover rice (I concocted my plan to cook pineapple rice slightly before lunch), I added turmeric powder to the rice to colour it. Alternatively, you can cook the rice grains in diluted pineapple juice so that it absorbs the flavour of the pineapple fully.

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