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Short Recipe: Apple Compote (Prelude to an apple tart)


The apple season a while back transformed supermarket fruit shelves into a palette of different shades of red (and green). The visual appeal had drawn on TummyTroll to cook something out of them. #phangchewfat had her go at the apples with some rustic-looking Salted Caramel Apple Tartlets, while I opted for a simpler apple tart. This is the first of two recipes documenting the process of making an apple tart, starting with the making of the filling!

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We’re trying… Pineapple Tarts (黄梨酥 / 黄梨挞)

So, as you might recall… We made a successful Pineapple Jam for pineapple tarts, commonly deemed to be the most tedious and difficult step in the process. What next? Being the half-ambitious, half-greedy souls we were… We set aside an evening’s time to make the dough for the tarts.

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Short Recipe: Pineapple Jam for Pineapple Tarts (黄梨酥 / 黄梨挞)

66118_532908936742403_733011070_n (1)When it comes to Chinese New Year snacks, the undisputed popularity champion must go to Pineapple Tarts. Almost every ethnic Chinese person I know likes pineapple tarts –  I’d hardly found anyone who dislikes or hates it. And I can understand why – With buttery soft tart bases and moist sweet-sour pineapple jam, pineapple tarts just scream delicious!

Does your family purchase pineapple tarts from suppliers or supermarkets outside, or do your grandmothers, aunts, mothers (and grandfathers, uncles, fathers by all means) make them all at home? I belong to the former and grew up listening to my mother chant “Pineapple tarts are one of the hardest snacks to make”. My mother’s words are definitely not an exaggeration… My greatest respect goes to all who make their own pineapple tarts. Just imagine stirring pineapple jam over the stove over low heat for hours standing, then making a buttery dough so sensitive to touch (butter melts easily when it comes into contact with our human hands), and then finally making enough tubs of them to give away to your relatives (oh those babies, how could you bear to part with them!)

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We’re eating… World’s Ugliest Portuguese Egg Tarts

The title of this post says it all… Ugly. Grotesque. Eye-cancer. It’s a little harsh to label my own food this way, but these tarts sure aren’t too pretty. I seriously need to take lessons in making decent looking tarts. It was still fun making these eggy-custard delights though. They’re one of my favourite tarts/egg-based foods. The ones I tried in Hong Kong were out of the world – If only I could get my hands on some from the world’s best in Macau!

Does anyone else find it ironic that the supposed best Portuguese egg tarts come from Macau but not Portugal? …. Nevertheless, enjoy the brief guide to making these golden-boy tarts below! No recipe this time, I’d really got to work on making these flaky tart shells aesthetically appealing before I have any guts to post them here. *angst*

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CHEAT! / Step-By-Step: Simple Apple Pie

DISCLAIMER: The Tummy Trolls hope that you will not be offended by the following post, which was done in all jest and zest (no pun intended). Also, we sincerely wish that you will try out the Apple Pie recipe despite it being made by such a odd (and scary) character – The last time we checked, there were no stray hair or long fingernails in the pie. Rest assured. Last but not least, we genuinely believe that nobody will be asking us for copyright fees… Right?

In line with Tummy Troll’s Horror Week, #phangchewfat has specially invited a guest chef to teach us how to make a good old simple apple pie. From the picture it’s pretty obvious who… It’s Sadako from the Japanese horror cult classic The Ring / Ringu, or affectionately known as 禎子 to most Chinese-speaking people. Well, you ask me what Sadako has got to do with apple pie… Really, I don’t know. But who cares if she makes a mean apple pie right? I wonder if it would taste of… well water. Hmmmn mmmn.

Anyway, this step-by-step recipe is also a CHEAT! recipe using ready-made storebought shortcrust pastry. We understand, Sadoko is a little busy crawling out of television sets (LCD nowadays) and it’s a little tiring to ask her to make pastry dough from scratch. We understand, we’re just as busy and lazy. For now, enjoy the photos and recipe and all the best for revision! But don’t study till too late, you’d never know if Sadako just decides to drop you a visit at a quarter past one…

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