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Short Recipe: Crustless Quiche with Greek Yoghurt, Swedish Wild Garlic & Mature Cheddar


I love quiches. While it did take me about 14 years of my life to pronounce it correctly (prior to that I used to call it “queash” oops) I have loved it from the first time I’d tried it. The creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture and savoury rich egg-cheese combination drives me crazy. Well, it isn’t that rare to find quiches in Singapore and Malaysia these days due to a greater appreciation for French baked goods but 10 years ago it would have been quite difficult to find quiches, much less good quiches. However, with an oven, a flan tin, and some eggs and cheese, you can make your own too – It’s really less difficult than we all thought!

That said, although I love quiches I tend to stay away from them unless I’m absolutely craving for them. Why, because it’s extremely calorific. Just take a look at the typical quiche recipe with their cups of cream, full cream milk, grated cheese, eggs, bacon, lardons, not to mention a crust made with lard… Wow, that’s enough explanation is it not? Good news is, I’d found a recipe to make healthy quiches replacing unhealthy ingredients while still retaining the rich flavour of a good quiche! Mainly, it’s the ingenious replacement of the cream with smooth Greek yoghurt and the exclusion of the crust (store bought ones can be deceivingly unhealthy). Surprisingly, it still tastes as good! Enjoy the short recipe below:

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We’re eating… World’s Ugliest Portuguese Egg Tarts

The title of this post says it all… Ugly. Grotesque. Eye-cancer. It’s a little harsh to label my own food this way, but these tarts sure aren’t too pretty. I seriously need to take lessons in making decent looking tarts. It was still fun making these eggy-custard delights though. They’re one of my favourite tarts/egg-based foods. The ones I tried in Hong Kong were out of the world – If only I could get my hands on some from the world’s best in Macau!

Does anyone else find it ironic that the supposed best Portuguese egg tarts come from Macau but not Portugal? …. Nevertheless, enjoy the brief guide to making these golden-boy tarts below! No recipe this time, I’d really got to work on making these flaky tart shells aesthetically appealing before I have any guts to post them here. *angst*

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CHEAT! / Step-By-Step: Mini Veggie Pot Pie

I’d been coming up with too many CHEAT! recipes recently… I guess it’s reflective of my current disposition towards examinations – I just want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible! True enough, but an easy way out to cooking doesn’t always mean bad food, or does it?

This is a meal for one, perfect for those rainy, lazy days with no cooking inspiration. Using a myriad of vegetables also makes this healthier (since the puff pastry we’re using is extremely calorific and fattening). Just go easy on the salt!

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