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We’re eating… Poached Eggs (and Eggs Benedict/Florentine)

Hello, it’s Sunday again! Are you already heading out to cafes to have your brunch fix? If not, you might still be in time to make some Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs for a homemade Eggs Benedict / Florentine or with steamed asparagus :D Last week we had a step by step recipe to making Hollandaise sauce, so this week we’ll try to demonstrate the poaching of eggs. However, as I am not 100% expert at poaching eggs yet, I will not post up the recipe. I have a friend LY who used to poach eggs repeatedly until he mastered it and it took… Quite many attempts? Poaching eggs is definitely a science! For now, here are some brief but imprecise steps to poaching eggs: Continue reading

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Step-By-Step Recipe: Hollandaise Sauce

(Above: Eggs Florentine)

Hollandaise sauce, with its unique buttery and tangy flavour profile, packs a pack like no other. We usually see it on our Sunday brunch menus with the likes of Eggs Benedict / Florentine / Royale but the truth is it’s so versatile it can accompany a variety of ingredients, including chicken, fish, beans, vegetables and even pasta! Furthermore, it’s considered the base for other derivative sauces like the famed Béarnaise. Personally, I love it on simple plain toast… Much better than just boring butter on toast isn’t it? The best thing is that it’s actually quite easy to recreate at home – No more tasteless watery Hollandaise sauces in overpriced cafes! Making your own is definitely more rewarding! :)

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Step-By-Step Recipe: Garlic & Thyme Asparagus-Stuffed Chicken Rolls, with Hollandaise & Buttered Toast

When in Britain, indulge in British Asparagus – Well, I wish I could say this all year round. British Asparagus is only in season for a short 7-8 weeks from May to June in summer. Good things don’t last for too long do they? For now, we’d just have to make do with the supermarket varieties that are slightly less tasty than asparagus in its full blooming season.

For the unacquainted, asparagus is an incredibly prized young shoot, a cousin of the lily plant. Commonly known as the king of the vegetable world, it’s widely raved about for its tender stems and delicate sweet flavour. It’s an expensive delicacy no matter the variety (green, white, purple, sprue and more), but considerably tastier and fresher (of course!) in the UK than in Singapore and other non-asparagus producing countries. It’s awesome just eaten its own, but we took it further and paired this full-flavoured treat with chicken, Hollandaise sauce and butter, all rolled up into little pillows of joy! Enjoy the step by-step recipe below :)

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