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Step-By-Step: Strawberry Compote

I know it seems like I’m a strawberry farmer with huge fields of strawberries behind my house because I keep coming up with these never-ending strawberry dessert recipes. But… How can I not? It’s the strawberry season – They’re fresh, sweet and going dirt cheap (ooh, it rhymes). Now I’m really starting to sound like a strawberry farmer. Oops.

Anyway, here’s a super-simple, super-sweet (not literally, it’s actually sour too) strawberry dessert recipe for the post-Easter holiday blues – Strawberry compote! Compote is a French word for “mixture” and it refers to fruit pieces being cooked in a sugar syrup. It can be seasoned with all sorts of wonderful things like vanilla, cinnamon or even sherry, wine or rum etc. It’s great on its own, but even better on your pancakes, crepes and French toast. The best thing? It’s really idiot-proof. Teehee ;)

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