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Short Recipe: Crustless Quiche with Greek Yoghurt, Swedish Wild Garlic & Mature Cheddar


I love quiches. While it did take me about 14 years of my life to pronounce it correctly (prior to that I used to call it “queash” oops) I have loved it from the first time I’d tried it. The creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture and savoury rich egg-cheese combination drives me crazy. Well, it isn’t that rare to find quiches in Singapore and Malaysia these days due to a greater appreciation for French baked goods but 10 years ago it would have been quite difficult to find quiches, much less good quiches. However, with an oven, a flan tin, and some eggs and cheese, you can make your own too – It’s really less difficult than we all thought!

That said, although I love quiches I tend to stay away from them unless I’m absolutely craving for them. Why, because it’s extremely calorific. Just take a look at the typical quiche recipe with their cups of cream, full cream milk, grated cheese, eggs, bacon, lardons, not to mention a crust made with lard… Wow, that’s enough explanation is it not? Good news is, I’d found a recipe to make healthy quiches replacing unhealthy ingredients while still retaining the rich flavour of a good quiche! Mainly, it’s the ingenious replacement of the cream with smooth Greek yoghurt and the exclusion of the crust (store bought ones can be deceivingly unhealthy). Surprisingly, it still tastes as good! Enjoy the short recipe below:

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Step-By-Step: Crème Caramel

This is the proudest moment of my cooking history (as short as it is). This Crème Caramel above is definitely not the most perfect (look at the pesky rips and bubbles in the custard) nor the most artisan caramel pudding around, but I am so so so proud of it because I can now make it for my mother who loves this. :)

Crème Caramel is my childhood memory – My mummy Jenny’s favourite dessert, one which I grew up eating and never got sick of. However, she never got around to perfecting this at home simply because there is so much that can go wrong with the tedious custard-making process. And so I dedicate this post to my beautiful mother, whom I dearly love to bits. And if you’re wondering why I chose to publish it on the 3rd of May, it’s because it’s my dearest mother’s birthday today! Happy Birthday my dearest Ma! :)

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CHEAT! Caramelized Banana & Baked Custard Pie

“We’ll do it all / Everything / On our own”… So if you recognize these lyrics you’d know that they are lyrics from the band Snow Patrol’s hit “Chasing Cars” many years ago. We, the Tummy Trolls, we’re just like that precisely. Sometimes we really want to do everything on our own, from scratch, because we’re that ambitious and also a bit too silly sometimes. (#chubkaichun, remember how we tried to make marshmallows without making any precise measurements?)

But honestly, we’re just as lazy and hungry as all students are and we want our steaks to come to us the minute we arrive back home, if not split seconds. It is impossible to be conscientiously cooking away all the time. We understand how excruciating it is to watch the seconds tick away before the microwave timer finally reaches 0, so this is it, we are cheating on our recipes. We are giving you the real deal – A delicious meal made in the shortest time, easiest steps, and cheapest ingredients. Sounds like a challenge? Challenge accepted!

PS. Watch out for our CHEAT series – Shortest time, easiest steps, cheapest ingredients! Super duper easy peasy. We’d be so quick and nifty like ninjas.

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