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We’re eating: Toasted Baguette in Light Tomato Reduction with Fig Vinegar

This is for the tomato lovers – No fancy seasoning, no delicate complements, nothing but tomato that screams tangy in your face! Served this as the appetizer of the two-course meal for the dinner of party of 6, and it does what it should – Whets the appetite and gets it going. A dressing of a fruity Fig Vinegar gives it extra jazz. Yum!

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Happy Bento: Creative & Weird Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings

Got a couple of Yorkshire puddings from the supermarket because these buttery fluffy sponge bowls looked so good. Then I didn’t know what to do with them beyond the usual roasts and gravy… This is one of those days I just don’t give a heck about whether the food entering my stomach is weird or oddly-flavoured. One of those days huh!

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Happy Bento: Honey Roasted Sausage & Sweetcorn Pita Pocket

Dear TummyTroll reader,

You may choose to skip this post if you hate Pita bread…. Wait, you mean some of you really do hate Pita?! Okay you may need to seek therapy at the psychiatrist. I would gladly offer my services if you so desire, although I owe no duty of care towards you of course. All the best.

Much love,

P.S. Pita refers to the flat bread. It does not mean “Pain In The Ass”.

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Happy Bento: Lemon Thyme-Mustard Roast Pork Tongue Sandwich with Fresh Tarragon

I was considerably amused to find out how some readers presume I make everything from scratch – Think my own homemade bolognese sauces, vinaigrettes or even noodles. I think I need to start growing rice in my hall gardens soon to prove these people right, haha! Occasionally I have oddly demented pleasures like making my own marshmallows without any special equipment but I assure you those days are rare. I really wish I could live like in the olden days and not rely on any pre-made ingredients. The biggest deterrent? Time, or the lack of it *sigh*. Now, if only my law textbooks could stop taking my attention away, these bad boys…

However, there’s one thing I try to make on my own most of the time. A sandwich! A good sandwich I’d pack for lunch when I have short breaks in between lessons with too little time for a proper meal at a cafe or restaurant. And let’s face it, meals in the UK are just too expensive for anyone who’s not willing to pay more than 5 pounds for a decent satiating lunch or dinner. Why not pack your own then? I take a lot of pride in making myself fast and nutritious meals at a fraction of the prices outside… Plus, I get to make much more interesting sandwiches that aren’t conventionally available. #tumtianhui and I are both fans of packing our own meals. Hence our new Happy Bento series will document our packed meals (of course, we try not to show you the boring ham and cheese too much)… We’re proud to kick off this series with Lemon Thyme-Mustard Roast Pork Tongue Sandwich with Fresh Tarragon!

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