We’re eating… Poached Eggs (and Eggs Benedict/Florentine)

Hello, it’s Sunday again! Are you already heading out to cafes to have your brunch fix? If not, you might still be in time to make some Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs for a homemade Eggs Benedict / Florentine or with steamed asparagus :D Last week we had a step by step recipe to making Hollandaise sauce, so this week we’ll try to demonstrate the poaching of eggs. However, as I am not 100% expert at poaching eggs yet, I will not post up the recipe. I have a friend LY who used to poach eggs repeatedly until he mastered it and it took… Quite many attempts? Poaching eggs is definitely a science! For now, here are some brief but imprecise steps to poaching eggs:

Fresh eggs are paramount! The fresher, the better (and easier) for poaching. How do you tell if it’s fresh? Try picking up the egg yolk with the tips of your fingers. It shouldn’t burst! Another method is the water test: Lower the egg, with its shell on, into a deep bowl of water. It should sink to the bottom immediately and lie on its side.

Note: I also think that large eggs are much better for poaching because the process might actually waste some of the egg whites.

Boiling water in a saucepan. At this point, quickly lower the temperature down till the water is no longer boiling but simmering instead.

Stirring in some vinegar. The vinegar helps the egg whites (full of protein) to congeal more easily and neatly. That’s some cool science there isn’t it! If you’re observant enough, you should see a vortex in the middle (I don’t know how to explain this).

Gently seep in the egg, first lower it to the surface of the water. Crack the egg in a small ramekin and do not crack the egg directly – It would be really messy!

It should be caught in the “vortex” in the middle. Use a spoon to lightly nudge the egg whites together.

After some 4-5 minutes, it should be done. Some recipes choose to leave it inside the saucepan but I scooped it out with a slotted spoon (to drain out the water) and left in a bowl of cold water instead (it helps the egg whites to form).

The egg whites should then further solidify and cook completely. Your poached eggs are done! (After what seemed like a thousand attempts maybe… Sob.)

Lovely, yeasty English muffins!

Toasted to a light crisp! Then buttered too. As if it’s not already calorific enough hmmmn…

Serve poached egg on top of toasted English muffin and blanched spinach.

Serve with glorious Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Florentine!

Or perhaps your poached egg could go atop some steamed asparagus spears! (Oops sorry kind of destroyed the egg here)

With Hollandaise sauce and black pepper. And a oozing pierced egg yolk!

Last but not least… Some good quality Spanish Iberico Hamon for the Eggs Benedict? Plain ol’ bacon is just not good enough.

Still looks bare… But…

Everything is made perfect with a generous serving of Hollandaise sauce once again! Happy Sunday everyone! :)

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