We’re making…Homemade Chicken Stock Cubes

TummyTroll Stock Cubes!!Many of us would not realize that stocks are often unsung heroes of most dishes that actually play a major role! A ragu, or Italian meat-based sauce, for example, requires a beef stock to boost its meaty flavour. Stock can even define the flavour of a dish – A rich prawn stock is absolutely crucial to the Singaporean classic hawker dish Fried Hokkien Mee. Although commercial stock cubes are available to the home cook, I find the flavour of many of these stock cubes somewhat artificial, not to mention the heavy dosage of salt and MSG can be quite unhealthy as well! Chicken in the Cauldron I would buy a whole chicken and fillet it myself from time to time, which leaves me with a chicken carcass. I find it a terrible waste to chuck the carcass into the bin, so I opt for chucking in into the stock pot instead. The carcass would typically be left simmering for up to ten hours. The remains of the bird Golden Essence I then strain the stock to leave behind the beautiful golden essence, which I heat further to evaporate the water and condense the essence. Where stock becomes cubes The reduced stock is filled into ice trays then into the freezer it goes! The cubes stay in the freezer till it is time to be popped into a stew, a sauce, risotto, or anything that can do with some meaty goodness. I use it most often to make a broth for noodles; a healthy instant noodles of sort. This definitely takes more effort than walking to the supermarket to grab ready-made stock or stock cubes, but the natural flavour at a lower cost is definitely worth it! Enjoy :)

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