Step-By-Step Recipe: Three Cheese Smoked Salmon Rolls


Christmas is still more than a month away but do these salmon rolls already make you think of the fancy dinner parties that are often thrown during the Christmas period, with all the delicate finger food displayed on long tables? I actually thought of making these after picking up a Waitrose magazine promoting their Christmas food packages, and cheese-filled salmon rolls were actually one of their more popular items. The advantage of making this at home is of course the lowered prices, but also the choice of your favourite cheeses paired with a smoked salmon you prefer! Hence I decided to try being slightly more creative with these classic salmon rolls, with the combination of three cheeses namely ricotta, mozzarella and pecorino romano! The interplay of different cheese textures is also interesting – A much less boring alternative to the usual salmon rolls with just cream cheese!


Ingredients for Three Cheese Smoked Salmon Rolls: Serves 3-4

Three Cheese Smoked Salmon Rolls
150g of Smoked Salmon Strips
30g of Ricotta
15g of Mozzarella, cubed
15g of Pecorino Romano, grated
Fresh Dill, chopped
Lemon Juice, a dash


Step 1: Preparing the Cheese & Dill Filling


Introducing… Ricotta, Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano. Do you know which is which?


Ricotta, a mild Italian whey cheese made from sheep’s milk. It’s often used to make cheesecake and desserts, We’re using more of this as a coagulant because of its soft texture!


The popular Italian cheese Mozzarella, which doesn’t just appear on pizzas alone! Made from buffalo milk, the cheese is firm to the bite when uncooked and looks so white and pristine!


Last but not least, my favourite Pecorino Romano, which you might remember from Rome’s Travelogue and Cacio E Pepe recipe I posted a few weeks ago. A strong, intense cheese made from sheep’s milk, it has a very unique flavour profile and would perhaps be the dominant flavour amongst the three cheese here!


Grate the Pecorino Romano, cube the Mozzarella and smoothen out the Ricotta for a three cheese mix!


The result should be a relatively clumpy cream cheese like texture.


Add in the chopped fresh dill, which is a great complementing herb to seafood in general!

Step 2: Rolling the Smoked Salmon Rolls!


I chose a Chestnut Wood smoked salmon. You might wonder why it’s even important to note which wood is used for smoking the fish? Basically, different smoking woods would impart different aromas to the salmon, which is why certain smoked salmon tend to be more expensive than the others! Chestnut Wood is ideal for smoking salmon as it has a sweet, nutty, but mild flavour, which would not overpower the fish. Squeeze just a bit of lemon juice and coat with dill.


Rolling in the deep… With some dirty fingers (oops haha please overlook).


Not the most aesthetically pleasing smoked salmon rolls, but definitely made more sophisticated I would believe, with the combination of the three cheeses. Some other recipes even call for watercress, chives and other herbs in the rolls – It’s up to you to create the tastiest salmon rolls to your liking!

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