We’re eating… Paprika Pork Loin Chops (with Cheddar Sauce)

In a highly globalized country like Singapore, we grow up with all kinds of international cuisine readily available to us no matter at $3 or $300 per meal. There’s an interesting phenomenon of how we execute a “Singapore-style” take on certain foreign cuisines. American and European cuisines are commonly lumped together as “Western Food”, and we have since adapted these into our own versions, the most prolific being Hainanese-Western cuisine (with the likes of Prince Cafe, The Ship etc). There’s a long history behind this interesting evolution but we’ll leave that for the history books. We’ll just focus on the food for now!

At low to mid-range western diners and cafes in Singapore, the common options normally tend to be restricted to chicken chops, chicken cutlets, pork chops, pork cutlets, steak, and fish & chips… The list usually reads like that. Tell a typical Singaporean you’re having western food at a hawker centre and they’ll usually assume you’re having one of those, or pasta perhaps. Not the most accurate conception of “western food” in general but I call it Singapore-style western food. Well, the food is still pretty awesome!

My favourite option at such cafes would be the pork chops – It’s arguably healthier than breaded cutlets and probably juicier and more tender. Most of all, it’s a good test of the chef’s culinary skills. Pork is not the easiest meat to deal with. Put it on the griddle for too long and it’d be tough as leather, undercook it and you’re in for a bout of food poisoning. Fortunately for myself, I managed to procure 2 slabs of premium Pork Loin Steaks. Naturally, I had to do make some chops with them. And Paprika was my spice of choice!

I marinated the chops for more than an hour with the usual suspects: Sea salt, pepper, a little sugar, and lots of Paprika for a spicy kick. For those who want their chops really tender, try pounding them with a meat mallet!

Use a griddle if you’ve one, your chops will look better. Taste wise, I’d think there’s no difference. Note that I’d seared the chops with no additional oil (I used its own lard: )

Casually slapped the chops with some creamy cheddar sauce but I think the chops are well-seasoned and tasty enough on their own!

Sorry for the grainy / low-quality photos in this post – They’re taken with a not so brilliant digicam and most of all, by a talentless photographer, yours truly.

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