Step-By-Step Recipe: Honey Beer Bread with Cheddar Cheese


Here’s a millionaire’s question: What do honey, beer and cheese have in common?

a. Common household ingredients
b. Low-cost and affordable
c. They all have distinct tastes and scents
d. They make people happy (okay well at least me)

All of the above! Throw all three in with some flour and butter, and voilaaa you get this ingenious Honey Beer Bread with Cheddar Cheese bursting with an incredible fragrance from the yeast of the beer, a sweetness derived from the honey, and a savoury contrast from the soft chewy cheese. The best thing about this recipe adapted from Rebecca‘s is that it only comprises a few simple ingredients easily available in your kitchen cupboards, and the preparation is easy, quick and fool-proof. So delicious and hassle-free, I’m already thinking of when I will make this the next time round! :)


Ingredients for Honey Beer Bread with Cheddar Cheese (Makes 1 standard loaf 9 x 5 x 3-inch)

Honey Beer Bread with Cheddar Cheese
3 cups All-purpose Plain Flour, approx 420g
3-4 tablespoons Honey
1 bottle Beer (12 ounces)*
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
100g grated Cheddar (Optional)
50g cubed Cheddar (Optional)
1 tablespoon Sugar – I used less sugar because I added in more honey
Salt, a dash – I used less than required because I put in cheese

*Is it important to use any particular brands or types of beer? Well, I would say go with a lighter pale ale or lager because heavier brews would overpower the delicate taste of the honey!


Step 1: Getting a bread dough!

Pre heat oven at 180 degrees Celcius (350F) for 15 minutes.


In a large mixing bowl, mix the dry ingredients as thoroughly as possible.482364_544057385627558_27912785_n

Pour in the beer but not all at once, and mix into a batter with a wooden spoon or silicon spatula for easier mixing.


You might find the dough to be on the drier side as you are mixing at the start but once you pour in the entire amount of beer required the dough should achieve a moist but bouncy consistency.


Mix in honey and grated cheese. 

Step 2: Straight to the baking


It’s this easy, once you get the dough right you go straight to the baking part! I didn’t grease my loaf pan because I’m using a non-stick pan, but do grease if yours is not non-stick. Pour in half of the melted butter into the bottom of the loaf pan.


Scoop dough mixture into bread tin. I wanted my bread to be extra cheesy so I added in another 50g of small cheese cubes. Push them in then scoop more dough mixture to cover up the cheese (you don’t want them charring prematurely before the bread is cooked through) 


Pour the other half of the remaining melted butter over the surface of the bread mixture. If you’re wondering why we’re doing this with the melted butter, the oil actually helps to crisp up the bread’s crust and sides. Melted butter smells and tastes luxurious, but feel free to use a milder-tasting olive oil or canola oil for a healthier bread. It works well too!


Bake for 50-60minutes and do a toothpick check to see if it’s cooked (if you stick a toothpick in and it comes out clean it’s cooked through). Tadaaa! Isn’t this a terribly photogenic loaf of bread?


The next day, we toasted the slices and topped them with more butter and golden syrup… Score! :)


Note: When I saw this recipe I couldn’t believe how simple it was to make your own bread in the kitchen! I’d put off making bread for the longest time because well, it’s bread. Just think of how traditional breads need to have yeast, left aside for yeast to rise, gently and skilfully kneaded, then carefully propped into the oven. To be fair, this recipe isn’t bread per se. Although it does render a bread-like fluffiness, the texture falls between that of a muffin and bread, slightly more dense than bread but not as heavy as a muffin. Terminology aside, it’s still an ingeniously delicious and fuss-free recipe so thank you Rebecca for the original recipe here… Now you can have your bread and eat it too. Cheers :)

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