We’re trying… Pineapple Tarts (黄梨酥 / 黄梨挞)

So, as you might recall… We made a successful Pineapple Jam for pineapple tarts, commonly deemed to be the most tedious and difficult step in the process. What next? Being the half-ambitious, half-greedy souls we were… We set aside an evening’s time to make the dough for the tarts.

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Okay unfortunately, from here there are no more pretty pictures to showcase anymore – 

Hmmmn. Starting to look odd?

The dough was way too soft and sticky! Recipe for disaster, indeed!

The first batch of pineapple tarts that were anything but ball-shaped. It was buttery, crumbly and fragrant though! Passed taste test but failed appearance test on all counts :(

Determined, we made a second batch with a different recipe for the dough:

Delicious they were, pineapple tarts they did not look like… Once again, the tarts didn’t stay in their ball shapes and flattened while baking. Why, why, why?!11271_532909003409063_71372056_nNevertheless, we still ate them all. Next year, TummyTroll promises to continue on our relentless pursuit for pineapple tarts. We might have failed this year but we’ll make sure we succeed with 1, 2, 3 and even more attempts the next Chinese New Year! We’ll be motivated by our many friends who’d made successful pineapple tarts, like Jia Yi here :)

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