We’re eating… Fried Nian Gao in Crispy Batter (炸年糕)


Hello! Just a few days ago at Step-By-Step Recipe: Chinese Steamed Sticky Rice Cake / Nian Gao (年糕) we steamed our own Nian Gao from scratch, so today we’re here to fry these goodies into little parcels of melting calories joy! Why, it’s really quite a versatile delicacy that can be enjoyed steamed, fried or even as a sandwich (more on this later). It’s most commonly pan-fried with a thin coating of beaten eggs – Anybody knows why? In any case at TummyTroll we made a crispy batter that gives the fried goods a nice eggy crunch. No recipe this time as we were not very sure with the proportions, but we’d have provided some sound recipes from other bloggers below! Enjoy photos of the process below:


18284_535693313130632_647927807_nSo this was how the nian gao looked like when they were 80% cooked. We steamed them for another hour until they became a darker brown all over with with a slight translucent glean on the surface – 100% cooked.

165994_539344892765474_375534691_nSliced them into half moons about half a cm each – Slightly on the thin side as it is easier to pan fry and cook the nian gao when it’s thinner. Feel free to cut thicker slices if you’re deep frying your goods!

1807_539344856098811_339384314_nThe batter has eggs!


And all purpose flour. Sugar. Water. Milk. Vegetable Oil. A dash of salt.


We didn’t want the batter to be too thick and overpower the nian gao within. So we made it more runny!


Coat the half moons of nian gao evenly with batter.

484901_539345012765462_1988010860_nOn a heated pan at medium heat (not too high as they burn fast!), flip and fry constantly.

577157_539345042765459_2025659131_nYou should aim for a golden brown colour on both sides.

522631_539345079432122_1564674211_nMelt in the mouth goodness – Apparently, an indicator for a well made nian gao is one that becomes sticky-soft inside when fried, but doesn’t flow out like lava. Yay, looks like the one we made at TummyTroll has passed this test! :)


Note: I had actually tried to replicate the batter my mother prepares when she gets down to frying nian gao (which is normally at least 2 months after CNY has passed hur hur much to the displeasure of the greedy souls at home). However it doesn’t quite taste the same, I’m guessing I left out something important, maybe condensed milk? Also, her version is a piece of nian gao sandwiched between a thin slice of yam and another slice of sweet potato like this one at Beachloverkitchen.com. We were too lazy to attempt this – But trust me, this is absolutely delicious!

Certainly, fried nian gao is different from mother to mother, home to home, and Meg at Dreamer’s Loft even tested out 5 different batter recipes to find her perfect fried nian gao. No matter if it’s a fancy batter with 10 ingredients or just beaten eggs, please enjoy your fried goods in moderation – It’s a “heaty” food so drink enough water and do try exercise to cut down on the calorie intake. But of course, you can also choose to eat too much and end up with sore throats and rolling tummies like us. Yoohoo!

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