Happy Chinese New Year 2013 – Calling for entries from YOU!

Dong dong dong chiang~ Happy Chinese New Year! 2013 is the year of the Snake, and the second Chinese New Year I’d spent away from home. Unfortunately (and ironically) in Bristol the most atmospheric place in the entire city is at the oriental supermarket where we saw throngs of Chinese students sweeping goodies off the shelves in preparation for a weekend of celebratory feasting – I am definitely missing out on all the rowdy celebrations, incessant snacking and shameless red packets back home… Nevertheless it still remains my favourite festival of the year, and I am sure many ethnic Chinese would share my sentiments. It’s a time for feasting and festivity, but more importantly it’s a time for family and friends. Very much like Christmas but much more boisterous and unabashedly red!

At TummyTroll we have a few special Chinese New Year recipes coming up for this special season – I understand we’re a little late (but hey this special occasion isn’t just a one day thing, it lasts for 2 weeks!) I was inspired by many of my friends who made their own Chinese New Year snacks for a variety of reasons, like 2nd year Cambridge student Jia Yi who made her own pineapple tarts with her boyfriend Xin Jie… I was mindblown:



63630_10151250402707800_1530991091_nPhotos obtained from Jia Yi and published with her permission. :)

I didn’t think pineapple tarts could be created at home – Afterall I grew up buying all these snacks from the supermarket. We were hence inspired to set up a TummyTroll special entry documenting the Chinese New Year experiences of all our fellow overseas students. If you’re a student spending Chinese New Year away from your home country, we’re interested to find out how YOU spent your Chinese New Year. We welcome all pictures, stories or even short write-ups. We would love to see how you had your reunion dinners, whether you used your rice cookers as induction hot pots (like my housemates and me haha), whether you decided to deck out in red with all your friends… Everything! Do drop all your comments and stories below or you may contact me directly on Facebook.

We are looking forward to all your submissions! Enjoy the remaining days of Chinese New Year – Huat ah! (This means “prosperity” in the Hokkien dialect) :D

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