We’re eating…Bacon-wrapped Chicken

fat = flavourMore often than not, chicken breasts are tough, dry and tasteless, which is attributed to their lack of fats. An intuitive solution to this will be to cook it in loads of fat. The choice of fats here is strips of streaky bacon, and well, you can’t really go wrong with bacon, can you?

The chicken breast was seasoned with dried herbs, salt, and pepper, followed by the blanket of bacon. Into the oven it went, and it came out with the inviting sizzle of the bacon fat. The chicken was indeed moist, tender and flavourful. It’s a successful proof of concept!

Any future attempts would involve less bacon though. My overenthusiastic use of bacon resulted in a slightly overpowering bacon flavour. After all, the chicken is the star of the dish, and the flavour encapsulated within the precious chicken juices should still be distinct.

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