We’re eating: Pan-fried Swede Patty with Creamy Watercress Sauce

Remember the swede we grated for our Step-By-Step Recipe: Fried Carrot / Radish Cake, Chai Tao Kway (菜头粿)? We only used half, but didn’t let any go to waste. And here we have swede patties – Like your average potato pancakes, but sweeter and juicier in a deep orange hue! I love it, but this comes with a bit of preparation time. Also gets a little messy in the kitchen – But this is hardly a deterrent to die-hard foodies like us is it not?

Enjoy some step by step photos below. No recipe this time because this was a pure experiment that went well!

I maintain that grating the swede is the hardest part of the entire process. And the most energy-consuming. I think I grew some arm muscles just grating one swede…

I steamed the swede first.

Threw in all-purpose flour, Herbs de Provence (mixed herbs), pepper and salt.

And egg! Oh the glorious egg. I love this photo!

Mish mash mix mish mash mix.

Pan-fried to golden brown perfection. In little squares – I love!

Topped with some store-bought Creamy Watercress sauce and cut chives.


Note: What is a swede? Yes a Swede normally refers to a citizen of Sweden, but here we’re really talking about a rutabaga, a yellow fleshed turnip known as a swede in UK and Australia. It is bigger in size than most turnips, with a rough purple-tinged skin that hides a deep orange flesh that is sweet in taste but fine in texture. It’s normally used in stews (remember our We’re eating: Slow Cooker Chicken Stew) or roasted on its own.

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