We’re eating… Smoked Salmon & Clementine Arugula Salad in White Truffle Oil & Basil Vinegar Vinaigrette

Winter’s not exactly a good time to be having summery salads, but my body and stomach have been become a little wary of the heavy food brewing in the kitchen. Think stews and soups and a lot of hot chocolate! These days I’d been experimenting with homemade salad dressings and drizzles, and I’d come to the conclusion that homemade sauces are way tastier and healthier than their store-bought counterparts. What’s more, you get to customize the food to the exact taste you want it – How much better can this get?

For today, we have a smoked salmon and clementine salad with arugula (rocket leaves) which paired perfectly with a new baby in my cupboard – Basil White Wine Vinegar! It made a wonderfully light and delicate vinaigrette with some White Truffle Oil and a dash of whole-grain mustard. Yum! Enjoy the photos below:


New discovery from Sainsbury’s – A 90pence mini packet of Basics smoked salmon trimmings. Isn’t quite perfectly smoked, really comes in all cuts and slices, but quite fantastic for its value I think!

Comes in flakes.

My new baby, Basil White Wine Vinegar – Intense flavour, beautiful scent. A product from our neighbouring country France.

The cast that goes into my 3 part oil – 1 part vinegar vinaigrette, with a little mustard stirred in to emulsify.

And with little slices of sweet clementine added in for a tangy touch of citrus. What do you think, weird or wonderful?
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