Step-By-Step Recipe: Baked Cabbage Rolls in Double Cheese Sauce

Cabbage rolls are one of the most common dishes in many parts of Eastern Europe, the most famous being gołąbki from Poland. Is it because cabbage is widely available, or because it’s versatile but affordable? Our readers from Eastern Europe should enlighten me on this! I’m a big fan of cabbage rolls myself, especially the steamed Chinese ones with Hua Diao wine and minced pork and water chestnuts. Yum!

Here at TummyTroll we try to be a little creative with our Baked Cabbage Rolls – No meat or seafood as we made this for our vegetarian mate – Wrapped with soft peas and cheddar in a double cheese sauce:


Ingredients for Baked Cabbage Rolls in Double Cheese Sauce: Serves 2

Baked Cabbage Rolls in Double Cheese Sauce

Half-head medium cabbage, larger leaves preferred
1/2 can garden peas
Cheddar, in chunks 1/4 palm big
Soft brie, in chunks 1/2 palm big


Step-By-Step: Baked Cabbage Rolls in Double Cheese Sauce

Step 1: Pre-cooking cabbage

As seen above, the cabbage leaves are already cooked. I’d steamed them for about 10 minutes prior to this, to the point that they turn a little tender but not too soft. Pre-cooking the cabbage leaves makes them easier to wrap in the other ingredients later!

Step 2: Wrapping cabbage rolls

I’d rolled out the brie “base” into a flat pancake-looking piece, slapped the peas and chunk of cheddar atop. You can really wrap it in whatever order you want to… As long as your roll is easily wrapped later with no leakage!

I like to do it spring-roll style. Which is basically “left side, right side, bottom end, then roll up”. If that makes sense to you. :P

Keeping the ends all neatly tucked in at the bottom.

Step 3: Baked in the oven… What about the Double Cheese Sauce?

Bake in pre-heated oven at Gas Mark 4 for 15-20 minutes. You must be wondering where or how the double cheese sauce came about – The baking process will melt the cheese and the double cheese sauce will actually come about on its own (above)! Personally I’d love to “up” the dish with an extra cheese – A chewy and stringy Mozzarella for extra mouthfeel, but I didn’t happen to have any that day unfortunately.
This is a really simple dish with hardly any difficult steps, few ingredients and almost no need for extra seasoning or garnishes.The best part about cabbage rolls in general –  They are perfect for those of us with little time, but they are still healthy and hassle-free! I’d make a mental note to feature my favourite Chinese-style cabbage rolls on TummyTroll when the opportunity arises!
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