We’re eating: Toasted Baguette in Light Tomato Reduction with Fig Vinegar

This is for the tomato lovers – No fancy seasoning, no delicate complements, nothing but tomato that screams tangy in your face! Served this as the appetizer of the two-course meal for the dinner of party of 6, and it does what it should – Whets the appetite and gets it going. A dressing of a fruity Fig Vinegar gives it extra jazz. Yum!


Remember our Step-By-Step Recipe: Oven-Roasted Tomatoes with Soft Brie & Greek Honey? We didn’t waste the runny tomato insides – We used them here instead!

Blend, puree, then strain out the seeds and skin. Pure tomato goodness left!

Look at that vibrant red! When I was young I used to get a kick out of drinking tomato juice/soup because I liked to pretend to be a vampire drinking human blood 8) Aye, such an imaginative child.

Smart boy tips from #chubkaichun: Cut your baguette face-down, since it’s always easier to cut bread that has no grooves on them!

Fig vinegar is really the kind of thing you don’t hear much about it… But once you have a taste of it, it’s easy to fall in love with this fruity concoction. In terms of flavour, it is similar to the more common balsamic vinegar, with a sweet-sour taste. I love fig!

And a sprinkling of basil would complete this simple dish. Tuck in!

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