A pot of gold at the rainbow’s end

Hello readers! It’s been a long time since we last updated with our own recipes. We can only say it’s because we’d taken the time off to enjoy the last Summer to the very last bit. Alas, Summer is now over with Autumn’s golden hues and dipping temperatures… And all of us are finally back in the UK, back to school!

And our hands have been itchy to cook (we couldn’t really mess around in our mothers’ kitchens during Summer – now is the chance to mess around in our own now that all of us have shifted out of hall accommodation into our own rented houses). There’ll be a couple of posts coming up really soon, pretty exciting stuff. TummyTroll‘s back up again after our long hiatus!

Cheers from the TummyTrolls! :)

Posted by #phangchewfat


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