Short Recipe: Deviled Eggs with Norwegian Caviar

Yes, Norwegian caviar makes an appearance again – Caviar is more than just a rich man’s food, more versatile than thought and better enjoyed in a myriad of ways. And nonetheless, delicious. How better to enjoy it than to have it this simple? Sitting atop a mound of a cold creamy yolk and mayonnaise paste, comfortably kept in a pristine white nest of boiled egg white. How lovely!


Ingredients for Deviled Eggs with Norwegian Caviar: Serves 2-3

Deviled Eggs with Norwegian Caviar

3 hard-boiled eggs (Don’t overcook them!)
2 tablespoons Mayonnaise
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste


I don’t do a very neat job at digging out egg yolks.

Mashed with mayonnaise. Sure looks like baby food in this strawberry bowl? ;)

The best to slice a boiled egg, I heard, is using a thin string. Obviously, I’d wrongly opted for a serrated knife.


As simple as this dish seems… There’s a whole lot of technique to choosing the right eggs, boiling temperatures, egg varieties et cetera. No kidding, just look at this website wholly dedicated to the mastery and perfection of making deviled eggs!

Don’t like caviar? Want more interesting ideas for the basic deviled eggs? Take a look at these 12 Twists On The Classic Party Appetizer at I personally think the Avocado Deviled Egg would work out fabulous!

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