Short Recipe: “Oriental” Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta with Norwegian Caviar

Has anyone been to Gunther’s Restaurant at Purvis Street (Singapore)? I would love to dine at the acclaimed 84th Best Restaurant in the World, but I hadn’t, unfortunately. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to dream about tasting the divine Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta with Oscietra Caviar, a signature dish at Gunther’s. Today at TummyTroll, we dare not recreate this renowned modern French dish for we neither have the talent nor the finesse. Instead we borrowed the idea of a cold angel’s hair pasta tossed with simple seasoning, garnished with a touch of savoury Norwegian caviar – Courtesy of a recent vacation to Norway. Just right for the scorching summer of Singapore, we think. For the lack of the truffle oil which is a trademark of the original Gunther’s classic, we played an oriental twist with the addition of toasted sesame oil. Top grade, no less. The result? A sleek and light creation we’re proud to tuck into! :)


Ingredients for “Oriental” Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta with Norwegian Caviar:

“Oriental” Cold Angel’s Hair Pasta with Norwegian Caviar

Angel’s Hair Pasta
Toasted Sesame Oil
Light Soya Sauce
Sea Salt
Caviar – As much as you can afford

Adjust condiments according to your own liking.


Just a little more…
Why Angel’s Hair in particular? This thinner cousin of spaghetti, with a bite and texture which some liken to our beehoon or rice vermicelli, is a perfect complement to the refined and delicate taste of caviar, or any roe for that matter. Any other pasta would probably overwhelm the caviar!

Here we’re shocking the already cooked noodles in ice water to preserve the al dente so that it still remains springy yet soft.

Stirring your pasta in with condiments? Remember to drain your pasta thoroughly. Oil and water are never best friends. For the seasoning to stick to the noodles for maximum flavour, make sure your noodles are as dry as they can be!


Note: For those who have truffle and truffle oil and the like… Why not try out another recipe aiming to emulate the original? There’re some pretty cool tips on the cooking process as well.

For more information on Gunther’s Restaurant, here’s their homepage!

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