We’re eating… Avocado Cheesecake with Gula Melaka

G’daaay TummyTroll! Our Australian readers would be pleased to know that I was Down Under at one of my favourite countries in the world. Ultra friendly people and breath-taking scenery aside, Australia is a foodie’s paradise with a terrific mix of international cuisine, top-notch cuisine standards and larger-than-life fresh produce. My luggage was absolutely bursting with Macadamia nut butter, Tim Tams, ginger marmalade… Yeah you get it.

After doing a bit of snooping around at the markets of Queen Victoria’s (Melbourne) and Paddy’s (Sydney), I purchased a couple of bigger-than-baseball avocados, or avos as the Aussies would call them. I took a while figuring out what to do with these while they took their own sweet time to ripen on my dinner table… The usual salads, guacamole, and mousse sounded yummy but just a little bit boring. This was when I came across a fellow blogger’s recipe for Avocado Cheesecake, and voila was I sold! The addition of gula melaka (a brown palm sugar with a distinct taste reminiscent of burnt caramel) is inspired by the famous avocado milkshakes I used to gulp down at Alexander Village Food Centre. Here, we had it two ways – Mixed into the cake batter or as a drizzle. Whichever way, avocado, cheese and gula melaka is actually a divine combination however unlikely!

Enjoy the step by step photos of making Avocado Cheesecake with Gula Melaka:

Believe it or not, I had to Wiki “How to cut an avocado”. There’s actually a technique!

Avocados should be eaten when they’re just ripe. Ours are a little bit overripe…

What a beautiful shade of green! And what creamy, buttery, nutty flesh that is…

Whipping cream cheese into a soft and fluffy mound.

Fresh, golden, dewy eggs.

Avocados and caster sugar stirred in.

We made a second batch of cake batter with a generous dosage of gula melaka mixed in.

And poured this atop the already-set pure avocado layer.After baking, it’s a lovely golden brown hue with a permeating fragrance that filled the entire kitchen!
The two layers are not that distinct visually but taste-wise the gula melaka layer really boosted the flavour of the cheesecake!
Gula melaka is normally found in a powdery block-like form. Melt it with some hot water and stir.
A sticky-sweet honeyed drizzle.
Mixed in with dulce de leche just for fun. Still yummy!
Made an extra batch of cupcakes!
Note: For the original recipe, take a look at Darlene‘s simple and easy instructions for Avocado Cheesecake at http://myburningkitchen.com/2011/08/17/avocado-no-cheesecake-shot/. Hers certainly look better (and probably tastes better too) so head over to the expert for the ingenious creativity :)
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