Or rather, many a times, as a student who can’t bring oneself to spend an hour or more on cooking, it is vital to have some ‘quasi-instant meal’ recipes. Then, there are also moments when you just can’t be bothered to cook properly because you have more interesting things to do i.e. gunning down people in an online fps game or getting your nerves wrecked in some mindboggling plot twist anime/movie. For this, much to the displeasure of the other contributors no doubt, I present to you 100 quick and easy recipes

Okay, I am supposed to write a post about soups that I have been cooking, if you even call them soup that is. I think concoctions might be a more accurate term. By experimenting with different ingredients, some concoctions I have made have turned out to be in the colours of green, red and yellow etc. I wouldn’t think that they are of any worth trying but sometimes they do yield surprises. How do I know which ingredients to add? I know not. It’s really by gut feeling – knowing the taste of each ingredient and how they might complement each other. Most often, it really  is simply throwing the stuff into the pot and then hoping for the best. The benefit? Well, you can just leave it there and eat an hour later; frees you to do more productive stuff while waiting. On instruction by the TummyTrolls, here’s what #tumtianhui has called the grossest food photo ever to be associated with the blog. It was made with 15 (or was it 13?) ingredients, of which I shall leave it to your imagination. I call it the green soup; a product of hoping for the best (actually turned out to be edible!)
P.S. There is no prize for guessing the ingredients correctly. I really hope you didn’t even think about them.


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