We’re eating… Kueh Salat (Nyonya Kueh)

Back in Singapore, the familiarity of ingredients struck us (well, aside from the heat), and we thought of making ‘Kueh Salat’. Kueh Salat (also Kueh Serimuka) is a traditional Nyonya kueh made of two main layers – the kaya custard layer and glutinous rice layer. The kaya layer is mainly made from fresh pandan leaves, coconut milk, sugar, and eggs, while the glutinous rice layer consists of glutinous rice grains, coconut milk, and pandan leaves (to add to its’ fragrance). In particular, we appreciate the ubiquity of pandan leaves and coconut milk – it would simply be impossible to obtain fresh pandan leaves back in UK (not to mention that we would be paying many times the price for it!).

Making the kueh itself is simple, but due to the need for layering, the process is rather tedious. Nevertheless, don’t be deterred from making kueh salat because you will be duly rewarded with the end product.

Glutinous Rice Layer

After layering a metal tin with baking paper, pour in glutinous rice (washed and drained) such that it forms a flat, even surface. Then, place pandan leaves on top of the rice grains.

Ensure that the pandan leaves are evenly interspersed between the rice grains.

Then, steam the mixture of rice grains and pandan leaves for about 20 minutes.

Add in coconut milk throughout the process.

When done, remove the pandan leaves and flatten the surface with your hand. The glutinous rice layer is now ready.

Note: We left the blue pea colouring out. For a recipe that follows the traditional method of making kueh salat i.e. by dyeing the glutinous rice, do refer to: http://emylogues.blogspot.sg/2012/07/kueh-serimukakueh-salat-nyonya-kaya-and.html.

Kaya Custard Layer

Blend pandan leaves (cut into small pieces – about 3-4cm per piece) and coconut milk.

Pour the mixture through a sieve to obtain the pandan extract. Squeeze the pandan extract out of the blended product when done to speed up the process.

After obtaining the liquid, boil with flour (mixed with water), sugar, salt and boiling water.

To make custard, remove the mixture from heat and mix with the eggs evenly. Then, combine the egg and pandan mixture, stirring continuously to form a thick custard. If the mixture is uneven, blend it (like we did!) to ensure its’ consistency. The blender makes a great aid here.

Finally, pour the custard mixture onto the glutinous rice layer and steam it for 20 minutes. The product is complete when the custard mixture is firm.

Spread the mixture evenly, pressing it down with a spoon.

The final product!

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