Happy Bento: Salmon & Rock Melon Sushi Wrap

Hello readers! Thousand apologies for the unannounced one week hiatus at TummyTroll. It’s (finally) summer and the TummyTrollers have been trigger-happy whizzing to exotic locales travelling to our hearts’ content! And of course, tasting the best local cuisine from everywhere. Food travelogues should be coming up soon – Stay tuned!

I’d been nursing a craving for Japanese cuisine. Sashimi in particular, hence the inspiration for a sushi wrap with raw salmon. To be honest I’m not too clear about the exact terminology for this wrap – I’d heard people calling it a California wrap, California roll (but this doesn’t seem quite right) amongst other terms… Nevertheless, it’s a quick and tasty option for a bento packed lunch. Store it in a box suitable for chilled food – Lest the salmon turns bad at room temperature! I replaced avocado with rock melon for an interesting twist on the classic sushi wrap – And what a refreshing change it became!


Salmon & Rock Melon Sushi Wrap


The variety of rice used should ideally be Japanese rice, or japonica. Replacing it with other varieties of rice will immediately rob your food of its Japanese authenticity, more on that below. Seasoned with sushi vinegar, mirin (rice wine), salt, sugar and sometimes dashi stock in some recipes.

Spot the blasphemy – Malt vinegar as a replacement for sushi vinegar? No good! But I decided to make this on a whim and the Asian supermarket was closed by the time I wanted to purchase the sushi vinegar. Also dressed with the usual suspects – Toasted sesame oil, Mayonnaise (ideally the sweet Japanese kind) and soya sauce shoyu.

Stars of the day – The freshest ingredients possible! Diarrhoea from stale sushi really isn’t a very attractive idea.

Cucumber for that lovely crunch! Left the skin on but feel free to remove.

Rock melon is also known as cantaloupe (although this reminds me of antelope and they’re obviously very different entities). Bursting with a natural saccharine sweetness and boasting a deep orange hue, juicy rock melons are both versatile and beautiful! I like them slightly overripe – But it becomes a little mushy as a result, as seen above.

Fresh chilled Scottish salmon, responsibly sourced and shamelessly hankered after.

Rolling a sushi wrap isn’t as easy as it seems as I’d learnt:

Drizzle with mayonnaise, toasted sesame oil and light soya sauce for that extra jazz! And a happy bento is thus born! :)


Note: Making a good Japanese style plain rice is an art that I have yet to master and perfect. It’s like algebra to Math – The foundation of Japanese cuisine! Hear from the expert here http://www.justhungry.com/2003/11/japanese_basics_1.html

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