Happy Bento: Honey Roasted Sausage & Sweetcorn Pita Pocket

Dear TummyTroll reader,

You may choose to skip this post if you hate Pita bread…. Wait, you mean some of you really do hate Pita?! Okay you may need to seek therapy at the psychiatrist. I would gladly offer my services if you so desire, although I owe no duty of care towards you of course. All the best.

Much love,

P.S. Pita refers to the flat bread. It does not mean “Pain In The Ass”.

Honey Roast Sausage & Sweetcorn Wholemeal Pita Pocket

Now, that was a dramatic way of proclaiming my love for Pita bread, wasn’t it? Drama mama all the better! We need more drama to elevate the humble Pita to superstardom. A common staple in the Middle East, Mediterranean and some parts of India, what’s so special about this chewy wheat bread is what is within it…

Which is urm, nothing… Please refrain from slapping me.

The space in the bread is created when steam puffs up the bread dough in the cooking process. When the bread subsequently cools and flattens, the pocket-like space is created! Isn’t this amazing?

An authentic way of eating Pita is of course with the usual suspects like hummus dips or falafel but I’d chosen to stuff my favourite Honey Roasted Sausages into the pita bread. Not the whole sausage of course – Cut into small chunks or slices.

Then I throw in some sweet corn for the healthy fibre (that I thought I should have). Brilliant – Healthy! Then I guiltily drizzled some customary ketchup because it was calling out to me. Brilliant – Self sabotage! Someone give me some lessons on self-control.

And in case you’re wondering what I did with the rest of the sausages… I laid them on some puff pastry.

Baked them and made some rustic sausage rolls! Yum.

Pita pockets and sausage rolls! My Bento for today. Simple but satisfying! :)

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