We’re eating… Warm Chocolate Sponge Pudding with Whipped Cream

This doesn’t look that good… But it was good. So good. So good that I was craving for it the subsequent few days. And honestly this was the result of a cheap and reckless attempt at making another All Basics meal (yes that’s right, this is an All Basics dish)… Recipe will come soon after I get down to perfecting it (and learn to make a nice chocolate fudge to go along). For now, enjoy the brief steps to making a Warm Chocolate Sponge Pudding! Savoured with 40% fat whipped cream no joke.


Recommendation: Always make your sponge puddings with ramekins. Muffin cups are just too messy.

Had to whip this manually non-stop for 15 minutes before it reached this consistency. Why? I was too lazy to take out my electric mixer.

… Self-deserving torture.

Saved some aside to do “piping” for other cakes or muffins.

Forgot to take a picture before I started eating (again). What’s new? Nonetheless, here’s a picture of my almost-finished chocolate sponge pudding. The heat from the warm pudding melted the cream, the way I like it. But I think some people prefer the other extreme – Sharp cold cream. It’s up to you! Your pudding, your cream, your call.

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