We’re eating… Stir-Fried Eggplant in Sweet Soya Sauce

Another post dedicated to eggplant / brinjal / aubergine lovers out there! Speaking of eggplants I don’t understand why there’re so many names for the same wonderful thing… Someone enlighten me?

Stir-fried with chopped garlic, diced onions, cut chilli. Then doused with a moreish sweet soya sauce, and simmered in its own juices until brinjal turns lovingly tender, fully absorbing the essence of garlic, onion, chilli and the sweet soya sauce of course. And just a little cornstarch to thicken the gravy to go with steamed white rice!

I was attempting to recreate my mother’s signature stir-fried eggplant speciality but this didn’t taste the same… But of course, Ma’s food will always taste supreme to mine :”) When I get a mortar and pestle I will do up a Sambal Terong (Indonesian spicy stir-fried brinjal), one of my favourite dishes. Nasi Padang will never the taste the same without Sambal Terong!

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