We’re eating… World’s Ugliest Portuguese Egg Tarts

The title of this post says it all… Ugly. Grotesque. Eye-cancer. It’s a little harsh to label my own food this way, but these tarts sure aren’t too pretty. I seriously need to take lessons in making decent looking tarts. It was still fun making these eggy-custard delights though. They’re one of my favourite tarts/egg-based foods. The ones I tried in Hong Kong were out of the world – If only I could get my hands on some from the world’s best in Macau!

Does anyone else find it ironic that the supposed best Portuguese egg tarts come from Macau but not Portugal? …. Nevertheless, enjoy the brief guide to making these golden-boy tarts below! No recipe this time, I’d really got to work on making these flaky tart shells aesthetically appealing before I have any guts to post them here. *angst*


The brief steps to making Portuguese Egg Tarts:

Little balls of puff pastry.

Rolled out.

Unevenly and carelessly squeezed into greased muffin holes.

Pre-baked till a little teeny-golden. Starting to look ugly.

3 eggs.

And an additional 3 egg yolks. It’s all about the deep yellow hue!

Go heavy on the heavy cream.

Throw sugar in like there’s no tomorrow.

As if it’s not sweet enough, I add in my favourite Condensed Milk.

Whisk until smooth and creamy.

Now pour in, be careful not to let the custard overflow.

After baking. The white bits are icing sugar crumbs that I dusted the tarts with. Evidently, my sweet tooth’s a little hard to control… Damn.

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