Short Recipe: Ginger Milk Pudding 姜汁撞奶

The yellow bits on the pudding is additional ginger juice – The pudding is supposed to be a creamy off white colour!

Following my success with its cousin Steamed Milk Pudding 鮮奶燉蛋 a while ago, I was keen to try out this famous Ginger Milk Pudding which is deceivingly easy (too easy to go wrong without you knowing it). A mainstay in Hong Kong restaurants’ dimsum menus, this is the lovely antidote to a cold groggy day – Silky, light but creamy, an absolute comfort food. You can even eat it cold if you’re living in a sweltering Sahara like Singapore! What’s more – It’s actually really healthy if you go easy on the sugar. What’s not to love about this?


Ingredients for Ginger Milk Pudding: Serves 3

Ginger Milk Pudding

1 cup of whole milk (no fat-free milk because it will not set)
3 tablespoons of ginger juice
Sugar, to taste

Special Tools / Equipment

Ramekins, or small rice bowls
Anything that lets you squeeze ginger juice easily – We had so much pain doing this manually :”(


1. Put ginger juice through strainer if there be a need – You don’t want to accidentally eat bits of ground ginger in your pudding!

2. Heat milk till there are small bubbles forming at the surface. Take off heat immediately. I used the water-bath method but feel free to steam it with covered lids! Add sugar to taste.

3. Stretch milk 8-10 times. This means you pour milk from one ramekin to another, going as high as possible without spilling the milk, a la teh-tarik. This makes sure that the temperature of the milk is correct for curdling and the heat in the milk is evenly spread out.

4.  Pour one tablespoon of ginger juice into 1 ramekin of warm milk and stir only once. Over the next 5-10 minutes the milk will start to curdle into a runny smooth pudding! Let me explain how this happens: Ginger contains protease that will react with the fats in the milk in order to curdle it (this is why no fat-free milk is permitted) Amazing isn’t it?

5. Gently rest a small spoon on the surface of the pudding to see if it has set, or try swirling it around to see if it’s still in liquid state. Enjoy warm or cold!


Note: Many things can go wrong even though this is such a simple recipe. Good ingredients are already half the battle won – Good milk, adequate ginger juice on standby, (I’d failed so badly once because we added too little ginger juice) and a never-say-attitude are the essentials of this recipe. Have fun making it! :)

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