CHEAT! / Step-By-Step: Simple Apple Pie

DISCLAIMER: The Tummy Trolls hope that you will not be offended by the following post, which was done in all jest and zest (no pun intended). Also, we sincerely wish that you will try out the Apple Pie recipe despite it being made by such a odd (and scary) character – The last time we checked, there were no stray hair or long fingernails in the pie. Rest assured. Last but not least, we genuinely believe that nobody will be asking us for copyright fees… Right?

In line with Tummy Troll’s Horror Week, #phangchewfat has specially invited a guest chef to teach us how to make a good old simple apple pie. From the picture it’s pretty obvious who… It’s Sadako from the Japanese horror cult classic The Ring / Ringu, or affectionately known as 禎子 to most Chinese-speaking people. Well, you ask me what Sadako has got to do with apple pie… Really, I don’t know. But who cares if she makes a mean apple pie right? I wonder if it would taste of… well water. Hmmmn mmmn.

Anyway, this step-by-step recipe is also a CHEAT! recipe using ready-made storebought shortcrust pastry. We understand, Sadoko is a little busy crawling out of television sets (LCD nowadays) and it’s a little tiring to ask her to make pastry dough from scratch. We understand, we’re just as busy and lazy. For now, enjoy the photos and recipe and all the best for revision! But don’t study till too late, you’d never know if Sadako just decides to drop you a visit at a quarter past one…


Ingredients for Simple Apple Pie: Serves 3-4

Simple Apple Pie
4 medium cooking apples, cleaned, peeled, cored and diced
1/3 cup Sugar, preferably caster sugar
1/3 cup water
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
Ready-made storebought Shortcrust Pastry – Available in most supermarkets
Lemon zest, a pinch
Cinnamon powder, a dash
Salt, a dash


Step-By-Step: Simple Apple Pie

Step 1: Making the “apple sauce”

Soak the peeled apples in salt-water to prevent them from oxidizing and turning into an ugly brown.

… I wonder if Sadako prefers to use well water in her cooking?

Bramley apples – sharp and irresistibly sour – are perfect for apple pies, but if they aren’t in season, settle for cooking apples like Granny Smith, Pink Lady or Edward VII.

Prepare your lemon zest – Really heightens the flavour of the apples tremendously. Even Sadako approves!

Refer to our previous post on Step-By-Step: Homemade Lemon Curd to find out how to obtain lemon zest easily!

Melt butter at medium-high heat. Throw diced apples in.

Sugar – Caster sugar works best because it melts more easily!

And some water…

Until it’s reduced and the apples start to form a runny syrup.

And a dash of cinnamon powder, and nutmeg if you desire. Cinnamon adds a distinct flavour and warmth to the apple pie, spicing up an otherwise boring dessert!

The result – A golden-coloured, lightly perfumed applesauce-like concoction even Sadako is proud of. Look, she’s smiling for once. We never once saw her smile did we?

Step 2: Cheating away with the storebought shortcrust pastry

Even Sadako resorts to cheating… So, she’s normal just like any of us. Wow I wouldn’t normally associate “normal” with “Sadako”.

Rolls out like a scripture!

Carefully line the sides of a well-greased casserole dish with the pastry.

And here goes the apples…

And then cover with another layer of pastry. We did it in a lattice, but feel free to do it any other way you want, as long as the apples are all covered.

“Don’t take away my apple pie, you Tummy Trolls”

Subject your pie to an eggwash (essentially egg and water combined) or a brush of milk. Both help to crisp up the surface but the eggwash also browns it – We opted for a eggwash! Bake at Gas Mark 5 for 45-60 minutes. Remember to pre-heat your oven for 15minutes before placing pie in!

Ooh, how delish.

Serve hot from the oven, or cold with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon powder. Life is good, isn’t it?


Note: Some recipes call for uncooked apples to be placed directly into the shortcrust pastry – Which work just as well but we preferred our apple pies oozing with soft melting apples so we preferred to “cook” them ahead. What do you think – Do you prefer apple pies with firmer apples or softer melting ones?

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4 thoughts on “CHEAT! / Step-By-Step: Simple Apple Pie

  1. Sheila Koo says:

    ” I wonder if Sadako prefers to use well water in her cooking?”
    omg chewfei, u’re becoming more n more like me… hahaha!

  2. Sheila Koo says:

    Just a suggestion for u to consider! Perhaps topping it with a bit of golden syrup would enhance the taste! (:

    • tummytroll says:

      Hello Sheila!

      Great suggestion there – But our apple filling was kind of sweet already so we didn’t want to end up contracting diabetes after the dessert! Golden syrup would be great with pies made from Bramley’s Apples though :) The sour peckish apples!

      Tummy Trolls

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