We’re eating… Thai Green Curry Fried Noodles (“Green Noodles”)

Fresh egg noodles tossed with julienned spring greens in Thai green curry paste, with a generous sprinkling of my favourite deep-fried shallot garnish

Math was never really my thing in school, and out. You’d see me cringing if anyone mentions anything vaguely related to algebra or calculus. I call it the “gag reflex”, the same way any sensible adult reacts to someone saying “Justin Bieber”. Now you Beliebers don’t go hating on me…

Well anyway, just saying this because I can never seem to estimate my cooking portions at all. Many times I try to cook dinner for myself and I’d end up with ginormous three-servings portions and I’d have to engage the help of #thelump and #chubkaichun to help me finish them (in case you’re wondering why I don’t ask #tumtianhui, it’s not because I don’t love her, it’s because she lives in another residence haha). Otherwise I’d end up with huge vats of leftovers. Being the economical me, I refrain from throwing away leftovers because I don’t believe in wasting food.

This plate of a Thai Green Curry Fried Noodlesis a result of leftover green curry paste (recall Step-By-Step: “Salmon trapped in sea of Green Curry”). The green curry paste is unfortunately pre-made because we hadn’t gotten down to making our own curry pastes yet. Instead of sticking to the tried and tested, why not throw it in with some fresh egg noodles and vegetables and fry up a storm?

Don’t waste the stalks because they are nice too – Juicy and quite crunchy!

I affectionately name this “Green Noodles” because it’s too green to ignore. There’re only julienned spring greens, sliced onions and the egg noodles in green curry paste – How not to be green? Perfect for post meat-fest days as a healthy alternative, and definitely something a vegetarian can turn to. The taste is not compromised even without meat or seafood – Such is the power of a good green curry paste!

We’ll realize that the best things in life are always the simplest… Enjoy!

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