Step-By-Step: Baby Potato Curry (ala Indian Aloo Masala)

Potato + Curry = Luv4eva + Tummy + Not_Sharing_If_Possible

That basically sums up what I have to say today. A smorgasbord of spices, fiery heat and creamy potatoes, this Aloo Masala-inspired potatoes is simple to make but surprisingly tasty. I say surprisingly because I didn’t have too high expectations of this, I merely wanted to get rid of my expiring baby potatoes.

So, anyway, why do I say it’s Aloo Masala-inspired? Well, I didn’t have all the ingredients necessary for a good authentic Indian baby potato curry, and I missed out some essential steps and simplified the entire process, so a purist with a deep love for Indian food would surely frown upon my behaviour. In any case, it’s still a yummy dish so it’d be a shame not to share. Enjoy!


Ingredients for Baby Potato Curry: Serves 2

For the Baby Potato Curry*
1 pack baby potatoes, a good 10-14 of them, peeled***
1 medium onion, diced
1 tablespoon butter
1/4 cup coconut milk
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
Fresh coriander, chopped
Coriander powder, a dash
Cumin powder, a dash
Chilli powder, a dash
Pickling spices, a dash
Salt, to taste

*More on the ingredients in the notes below


Step-By-Step: Baby Potato Curry

Step 1: Marinate baby potatoes for maximum flavour

Used readymade pre-boiled potatoes from the supermarket… When boiling your own, don’t boil them till they’re fully cooked or they might turn a bit mishy-mashy later. Tricky. 80-90% cooked is a good measure.

Pierce potatoes with a fork then sprinkle fresh chopped coriander with a teaspoon of vegetable oil. The piercing allows the spices to be more easily absorbed later!

Spices… And actually alot more in the “real” Aloo Masala, like cinammon, tumeric powder, cardamom and so on. Pardon me – I could only gather this from my supermarket!

Coconut milk, in powder form, a product my parents got from Hainan Island in China during a visit there. It’s always better to use fresh coconut milk which packs a punch, so if you can get fresh coconut milk easily please use that instead!

Dissolve in 1/4 cup of hot water!

Throw in the spices.

And douse in coconut milk. Marinate for 15 to 30 minutes – The good soak helps them absorb more flavour!

Step 2: Frying the baby potatoes in the spices

Now take some butter – I used the garlic butter that came with the potatoes in the packet. Use ghee, clarified butter, for the authentic Indian experience!

Melt at medium heat.

Throw in the (unevenly) chopped onions. Turn to medium-high heat.

Till they’re browned and in need of some company…

Let the potatoes join in the fun!

It looks like a nice jacuzzi inside.

Simmer at medium-high setting, for approximately 10 minutes, until the curry is reduced to a thick paste.

And you’re ready for a rolling good time!

Mushy soft and buttery-creamy… Oh, my babies.


Basking in the glow of the evening sun… 

Note: This recipe is definitely not authentic – And I’d admit this upfront. I have not actually tasted the most authentic Aloo Masala so I can’t say for sure how it’d taste like, but it should be a lot more tangy (I see yoghurt and tomatoes in some recipes) and fiery (ginger-garlic paste seems to be a mainstay). The next time I cook this, I’d definitely try to recreate an authentic version. Would my Indian friends please give me some advice on where to try a good Aloo Masala in the UK/Singapore, or how to make it from scratch? Would it be a North or South Indian dish? In any case, here’s a recipe for authentic Indian Aloo Masala

***Update: Thanks to our alert reader COOKING Madness, we have discovered that the potato skins should be peeled instead of being left on in order to maximize the absorption of spices and coconut milk, making the baby potatoes more flavourful and tasty. We look forward to all your little tips, and thank you so much for helping to improve Tummy Troll! :)

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8 thoughts on “Step-By-Step: Baby Potato Curry (ala Indian Aloo Masala)

  1. carmen says:

    OMG can i just say this looks insanely yummy omg and the photography is getting better! :DDD oh btw i was thinking, maybe if you had a compiled set of steps in addition to the stepbystep pictures it’d make it easier for people to print it out? :D coz when i copy recipes it’s always easier to have a compiled version ;) but awesome jobbbbb guys! :D

    • tummytroll says:

      Hello carmen,

      Thank you! Our photographer #chubkaichun is fairly pleased to receive your kind compliment ;) Regarding your suggestion, that would be no problem at all, I presume you’re asking for short printable recipes? Just give us some time to organize the recipes and we’ll update them accordingly as soon as possible! Thank you for helping us to improve Tummy Troll! :D

      Tummy Trolls

  2. COOKING Madness says:

    Hi tummytroll! Do u think it will be better for u to peel off the potato skin? It is easy to do so and that helps the potato to absorb the ingredients too? Let me know :) By the way, good effort for this dish, It’s indeed a pleasure to read ur post! keep it up!

    • tummytroll says:

      Hello COOKING Madness,

      Wow that is one thing I hadn’t taken into account. After your comment I actually went to look at the other Aloo Masala recipes and they all seem to have the potato skins removed. I guess you’re right, the peeled potatoes would be more flavourful since they would absorb the spices and coconut milk better! I would update the post accordingly and credit it to you. Thank you so much for your kind suggestion! :)

      #phangchewfat on behalf of Tummy Trolls

  3. i love elephants says:

    hi tummytroll!
    i have a small suggestion to make! since your blog’s name is tummytroll, maybe you guys can design a special logo/ mascot of a real troll to replace the current troll face? perhaps something along the lines of these:

    the second one is cuter!

    but anyway i think a mascot will help your food blog have a higher degree of imageability (: (since memes and troll faces are all around the net these days, it may get confusing) plus real trolls have tummies too! you can give your mascot a cute/ unique name (:

    • tummytroll says:

      Hi i love elephants,

      We have the same idea of designing a unique logo for the blog. Thank you for the pictures of these cute trolls! They are a great addition to our pool of ideas, and we will come up with a logo/mascot soon! Thank you for your suggestion! :)

      Tummy Trolls

  4. Sheila Koo says:

    “nice jacuzzi inside” hahahaha! ur recipes are so funny!

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