Step-By-Step: Crepes (Not Creep, Not Crap)

Crepes… It’s fine delicate food you’d choose to have at a French creperie because everyone tells you it’s so difficult to master the art of making a perfect crepe. And what’s a perfect crepe – Crispy and thin, or soft and chewy? Sweet or savoury? Traditional French with Limoncello, orange and sugar or eggcitingly-modern with Chicken Tikka Masala? Such a discussion will be as exhaustive as the chicken and egg debate – Never-ending, and a little pointless.

We can’t promise to deliver crepes of master-chef standards because we are lacking so much: Iron-cast crepe pan, flat wooden paddle and spatula, good flour, and most of all, experience. But a Tummy Troll would tell you that the best crepes don’t necessarily come from swanky Parisian creperies, they taste just as good when you put effort into making your own crepes! :)


Ingredients for Crepes: Serves about a good 8-10 crepes

For the Plain Crepes
120g all-purpose plain flour, sifted
2 large eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 water
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons melted butter

For the Fillings for Stuffed Crepes
Anything goes, but we had some good ol’ classics:
– Strawberry Compote
– Nutella & Nuts
– Sour Cream, Chives & Mozzarella


Step-By-Step: Crepes

Step 1: Making a good silky Crepe batter

Whisk flour with eggs. It’s almost as if these eggs have souls of their own.

Haha sorry couldn’t resist putting a looney smiley face on it. Silly me.

Whisk and ensure there are no lumps in the batter. (Yes stop appearing everywhere, #thelump)

Melt your butter, preferably at room temperature.

Milk and butter… ‘Em cousins.

Crepes are almost like pancakes. I mean, they’re made up of the same good people: Milk, eggs, flour, water.

The only difference is the proportion of ingredients in the batter – And the batter for crepes is a lot thinner, more silky, and runny rather than thick. Don’t whisk too rigorously – You don’t want ugly bubbles in your crepes!

Step 2: Controlling the heat for evenly-cooked luscious crepes

Lightly oil the pan with butter, preferably a large non-stick one. Set at medium-low heat.

Using a ladle, scoop and spread the batter on the pan. To prevent uneven cooking, I’d actually do this away from the fire, while tilting the pan in a circular motion such that the batter covers the entire surface area of the pan. If not you’d end up with a scorched center and uncooked sides.

When the sides are starting to crisp up, use a wooden spatula to gently nudge underneath the crepe. When it’s all cooked (in a matter of minutes I’d say), it would not stick to the pan.

Flipped! Cook the underside for another 2-3 minutes and it should be all ready for the tummy.

Uneven cooking – Our first crepe. A little ugly but not that bad for a first attempt.

Controlling the heat is very important for a beautiful crepe, and it pays to be patient – Sure, high heat gets your crepes cooked speedily fast, but it gets them burnt just as swiftly.

Step 3: Fillings, stuffings… The sky’s the limit!

Our first variation: Step-By-Step: Strawberry Compote! (click for recipe)

Our savoury: Melted mozzarella cheese with a dash of chives!

With mad heaps of sour cream to fill up our growing tummies.

Stringy strings of cheeeeeeeese.

And everyone’s favourite: Nutella with crushed nuts. Lovely.

Spot the chopsticks (what a blasphemy, chopsticks for making French crepes)


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2 thoughts on “Step-By-Step: Crepes (Not Creep, Not Crap)

  1. ZC says:

    since u guys made good crepes, why not turn it into delicious mille crepe cake instead? :D it’s fabulousssss

    • tummytroll says:

      Hello ZC,

      That’s a fabulous suggestion! You’re giving us some ideas for our upcoming recipes ;) Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

      Tummy Trolls

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