Step-By-Step: Poached Pears in White Wine, Honey & Lemon

I can’t get enough of pear desserts, really. Icy cold, oven-hot, baked, poached, mashed… There’s something magical about pears – Versatile, beautifully shaped (even applies to ladies alright) and intrinsically sweet. And heaven can’t come closer than poached pears in a stew of white wine, honey and lemon juice. Wow, am I salivating already?


Ingredients for Poached Pears in White Wine, Honey & Lemon: Serves 3-4

Poached Pears in White Wine, Honey & Lemon

3 medium pears, halved, peeled and cored
4 tablespoons honey
100ml lemon juice
200ml white wine
Salt, a dash
Sugar, a dash


Step-By-Step: Poached Pears in White Wine, Honey & Lemon

Step 1: Peeling, halving and coring the pears

Before you do anything, pre-heat oven at Gas Mark 5 for about 15 minutes.

At this point, coat the pear with a little lemon juice. It would prevent the pear from oxidizing and turning an ugly brown!

Remove the grainy core and insides. Try not to errr, destroy the pear. You know, the way your inexperienced friend cuts out half the pear and the pear becomes 1/3 of its original size…

Place pears in a deep casserole dish and douse in white wine and the remaining lemon juice. Drizzle honey, coating the pear with honey evenly.

Step 2: Let the pears enjoy a good spa soak

Wrap in aluminium foil – We are poaching the pears and we don’t want any of those yummy soupy goodness to evaporate in the oven!

Remember the shavings of pear skin? They’re not usually eaten because they have a bitter after taste but don’t throw them away just yet! Dry them thoroughly, and sprinkle a dash of sugar and salt.

And lay them out on top of the foil surface about 15 minutes into baking.

Ooh, they come out crispy like chips! Just wait and see, you’ll be asking for more soon enough.

Step 3: Ooh-la-la!

Wow the pears look like they’re having a good jacuzzi in there.

Note that the water level has risen by quite a lot – The extra moisture came from the juicy pears. Hence go easy on the alcohol and lemon juice, you don’t want the juices to spill out after baking.

Eat the poached pears with the crispy pear skin chips and perhaps a lashing of mint.

The flaky and crispy chips complement the melty-soft poached pear well. Also, the pear chips taste saltish-sweet and is a nice contrast to the tangy white wine, honey and lemon concoction. Isn’t it amazing that nothing is wasted? Even the supposedly useless pear skin is put to good use!

It’s a luxury too simple to miss, and the perfect wash down after a heavy meal.


Note: Some recipes call for red wine, but I’d keep it simple with white wine since I’d prefer the pristine purity of white wine (in terms of taste and colour). A lovely pink-tinted Rose might be a good alternative if you prefer some colour in your dessert.

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