Step-By-Step: Honey & Miso Glazed Eggplant

Grilled Eggplant Steaks with Honey & Miso Glaze

I love eggplants to bits (or brinjal or aubergine whichever you call it). And I believe I’m in the minority because many if not most of my friends seem to detest it – I don’t understand! It’s so juicy, so versatile and most importantly melt-in-your-mouth-tender. How can anyone hate a vegetable so saintly? I weep for your understated charm, dear eggplant → :”(

Anyway, here’s a simple eggplant dish with some rocking Japanese attitude! Vegetarians and health-conscious readers would love this as a replacement for steaks – They’re just as juicy and flavourful, but very much healthier. In fact, I’m lapping up the beautiful honey and miso glaze… Savoury, sweet, and umami* all in one bite, what’s not to like? (ooh it rhymes)

*Umami is the fifth sensation of taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour!


Ingredients for Honey & Miso Glazed Eggplant: Serves 1

For the Grilled Eggplant Steaks
2 slices of Eggplant, diagonally sliced into 1 1/2cm steaks
1 tablespoon Vegetable Oil
Salt, a dash

For the Honey & Miso Glaze
1 tablespoon Red Miso
1 tablespoon Japanese Light Soya Sauce
1 tablespoon Honey
1 teaspoon Toasted Sesame Oil

For Garnish (optional)
Dried Seasoned Seaweed, to taste
Spring Onions, to taste


Step-By-Step: Honey & Miso Glazed Eggplant

Step 1: Preparing Honey & Miso marinade

Red Miso, which is ironically, brown.

Other types of Miso like White Miso can also be used, depending on how strong or salty you’d like the Miso to be. I prefer my Miso a little more savoury, hence the Red Miso! Learn more about different Miso here:

Japanese Light Soya Sauce – Feel free to reduce this if you’re going for a light tasting glaze!

Some beautiful honey to save the day!

Opt for pure toasted sesame oil, that is, a oil not mixed with other vegetable oils! A pure toasted sesame is superbly fragrant and delicious.

Tadaaa! Stir and set aside. This can keep up to a couple of days in the fridge if properly stored – Great as a marinade for grilled salmon or as a salad dressing!

Step 2: Grilling the Eggplant Steaks

Here is a big fat momma I got for a pound. Doesn’t it remind you of a hippo? Okay maybe not to you.

Slice it diagonally for steaks that’re about 1 1/2cm in thickness, with a Japanese long samurai. Duh-uh no I just happened to be playing with #chubkaichun‘s dangerous-looking long knife.

It’s important for the steaks to be even to ensure the entire slice is cooked at the same time. Rub just one side of the steak with a dash of salt, gently.

And spread some neutral-tasting vegetable oil on that some side and prepare for grilling. We’re using a broiler here, which works just as well.

Grill for 8-10 minutes at medium-high setting until it looks this awesome.

Flip flip! You must have wondered why I called them steaks – Now you’re starting to see why don’t you? Grill for a short 2-3 minutes.

Then glaze evenly with the marinade. Be liberal with the sauce – The eggplants will absorb it thoroughly and soak up all the goodness. At this point transfer the eggplants onto some foil or greaseproof paper, lest the marinade drips all over.

Grill for another 8-10 minutes for some lovely brown eggplant steaks! In case you’re wondering what the black stuff is, those are seaweed dregs in the Miso paste I got (it came with it). Nothing toxic there!

Step 3: Garnish and serve

The finely chopped spring onions look a little Pathétique… I’m sorry, I was running out of spring onions that day.

Dried seasoned seaweed, finely shredded. Feel free to use the un-seasoned one.

It looks lovely, doesn’t it!


Note: Miso is inherently salty, very in fact, so if you aren’t too big on salty-savoury food, feel free to go easy on the Miso and soya sauce in the marinade. In fact you can even omit the rubbing of salt… You ought to like the food on your plate, so whatever goes into your marinade is for you to construe!

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