Step-By-Step: Very Berry Strawberry Sorbet

It seems like everyone can’t get enough of our Short Recipe: Homemade White Wine & Sweet Pear Sorbet so I’m going to do everybody a favour and let you guys in on the step by step secrets of a good homemade strawberry sorbet. Only the best from the master chef!

Just kidding. -.- I am such a narcissist sometimes. Pardon me.


Ingredients for Very Berry Strawberry Sorbet: Serves 5-6

Very Berry Strawberry Sorbet

1 punnet strawberries (about 15 small ones, or 10 large ones)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons lime juice
250ml white wine
Sugar, to taste
Salt, just a pinch


Step-By-Step: Very Berry Strawberry Sorbet

Step 1: Clean, cut and admire strawberries

A punnet of oddly-shaped strawberries, but still worthy and loved. Appearance isn’t everything, as you would have learnt… Except when it comes to your daughter’s new boyfriend, that is.

Dissect them and cut them into cubes of approximately the same size. Stare and fall in love.

Put a few aside… You’ll know why later!

Step 2: Add in the flavour enhancers

White wine. Feel free to use a light airy dessert wine if you have ’em good.

Sugar, to taste! I don’t like it too sweet so I don’t put so much here. Also throw in a pinch of salt to balance out the sour and sweet.

PS. Sharp readers would know that I didn’t include salt in the Pear Sorbet. That’s because the pears are naturally sweet while the strawberries are inherently sour (sometimes a bit too sour) and salt is necessary to balance out this tingling acidity.

What is a sorbet without zest? Just a bit of lemon and lime there for a perfect marriage. Don’t overdose!

They should be soaking in a white wine spa by now.

Step 3: Purée and add in strawberry chunks

Puréed it by blending the strawberries. For a smoother consistency you can always put them through a food processor! Pour into freezer-safe container.

The leftover strawberries, dice them into tiny nibblets and pour into purée. You can omit this if you prefer the sorbet without the fruit bits.

Step 4: Freeze… Then savour!

Be patient and freeze for at least 4-6 hours. Alternatively you can put it out at your window sill if you live in Antarctica by any chance!

Put through blender or food processor again. Now, isn’t this perfect for a simple sweet after-meal dessert?


Note: It also tastes lovely as a smoothie when it’s half-melted!

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