Short Recipe: Baked Jacket Potato

So many jacket potatoes I’d tried just fail to make the cut – Soggy tasteless skins is the pet peeve. But I think I’d learnt to make the perfect Baked Jacket Potato, with the skin crispier than roast duck skin… At least it was like that when I made it. What’s best is that it is too easy, only a couple of steps and a couple of ingredients!


Ingredients for Baked Jacket Potato: Serves 1

Baked Jacket Potato

1 large baking potato
2 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt, a handful

For the Toppings

Sour Cream & Bacon
Sour cream, to taste
Bacon bits, to taste
Chives, to taste

Feel free to experiment with the toppings!


1. Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 6.

2. Clean and scrub the potato skins thoroughly. Using a fork, pierce the potato several times making sure that the potato is pierced evenly. Dry with a cloth.

3. Coat the potato with olive oil, then sprinkle a generous lashing of sea salt. Scrub and make sure the potato is evenly coated with olive oil and sea salt.

4. Place potato directly onto oven rack and bake for a good 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Stick a toothpick in – It should be done when the skin is crispy and when the potato flesh is ultra soft.



1. Choosing a good baking potato?
In the UK it’s easy to find Maris Piper or King Edward potatoes which are perfect for baking. It might be a bit harder to select a good baking potato if you’re in Singapore. Here’s a good guide for choosing baking potatoes!

2. Why sea salt?
Many health enthusiasts argue that sea salt is healthier than table salt but that is debatable. I use it because it has a much richer and better flavour than the table salt (which is purified and processed too much). Nevertheless, table salt will also do the job.

3. Why can’t I wrap the potatoes in foil before baking?
You’d want your potato skins really really crispy and crackling… If you wrap it up in foil, the skins will be moist and soggy instead. Nooooo. If you find it more of a hygiene concern, just clean your oven rack before using, easy!

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