Mystery Strike


Readers of this blog will be pleased to know that the tummytrolls are rather diligent in maintaining this blog. Hey, it’s a feat when majority are law students preparing for their exams alright! They are rather passionate about this and have put in a fair amount of effort. Mind you, if I’d been left in charge of this, I would have deleted this thing long ago. Seriously, taking photos of dishes; writing up recipes and blogging? Time and tide waits for no man!

Speaking of tide, here’s one of the seafood dish some of the tummytrolls, sub nom trollytummies are coming up with [heard of teletubbies? They rhyme isn’t it? Almost. I decided that trollytummies is better than tummytrollies! A trolley full of tummies?! That reminded me of R v Dudley & Stephens in massive scale! Go wiki eat (it)]. The photo speaks for itself. If you can’t tell the ingredients, you are forfeited from eating it. This is why it is a seafood dish – see(the)food. Get it? There is a special sauce too: Look at the reflection at the bottom right corner of the photo reflecting the light. In the words of the locals: Absolutely stunning!

I shall leave it to them to do the proper introduction. In the meantime, happy seeing food. Delicious isn’t it?

Disclaimer: The photo and contents of the post are from an independent source. Trollytummies are not associated with it, save the cooking.


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