We’re eating…Gammon Hor Fun

This, is a gammon steak. An unsmoked gammon steak which has been sitting in my freezer for a long time to be precise. (It has already thawed in the photo.) So when I got a sudden craving for hor fun, I thought why not use the chance to get rid of the gammon!

Well, first an introduction of hor fun. Hor fun is a noodle dish consisting of two parts – a dry stir-fried noodles, and a wet, often thick sauce with various ingredients. The noodle used in hor fun is kway teow, a flat rice noodle. Depending on where you eat your hor fun, you will encounter kway teow of different widths. For example, a thinner kway teow (less than 1cm in width) is commonly used in Malaysia, whereas in Hong Kong, a much broader kway teow (more than 2cm) is preferred for hor fun. As for the sauce, it is primarily seasoned with soy sauce, and different styles of hor fun call for an additional selection of other Chinese condiments such as sesame oil, oyster sauce and cooking wine to name a few. Some form of protein goes into the sauce as well, and this can vary from chicken shreds (found in Ipoh hor fun), to fish (san lo hor fun), to eggs (wat dan hor fun, which also contains pork and seafood). Evidently, hor fun is a very flexible dish, so why not throw some English gammon in?

Gammon in hor fun is like a fish to water. The inherent saltiness of the gammon meant that no marinade was required. The porkiness of the gammon was also masked by the sauce, and this is welcoming to those who dislike it. I would like to try this dish again with smoked gammon. I believe the smokey flavour will go well with this dish, and it can augment the wok hei (a unique fragrance from stir-fry) of the noodles. Maybe a detailed recipe for that in the future.

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