CHEAT! Japanese Curry Rice

Back in Singapore for my Easter holidays, I couldn’t help but satisfy my cravings for Japanese curry, something which you can’t get back in Bristol. A sweeter and milder version of its Indian counterpart, this popular dish that originated in Japan has now become popular overseas, and is now a must-have dish on every menu in Japanese restaurants.

To make this dish, I bought pre-mixed curry sauce from Daiso. This dish may look and sound impressive – but really, don’t let its sight fool you – it is an ease to make. You can make Japanese curry from scratch – but sometimes we all need a simple yet satisfying meal after a long day – and this is it! With readily available premixed sauces and curry roux blocks, you can satisfy your cravings easily at home without having to go to Japanese restaurants. More importantly, you can adjust the taste to your liking – be it sweeter, spicier, saltier – you have it in your control.


Ingredients for CHEAT! Japanese Curry Rice: Serves 4

For the rice:

2 cups rice (Thai Fragrant Rice)

For the sauce:

2 packets of Japanese curry sauce

1/2 onion – diced

1 potato – peeled and diced

1 carrot – peeled and diced

3 chicken fillets – diced and marinated


For the sauce:

1. Preparation: Boil the diced potatoes and carrots beforehand. Marinate the chicken with cornflour, soy sauce, pepper and mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine – you can omit this).

2. In a frying pan, stir fry the onions till golden brown.

3. Add in the diced chicken pieces on one side of the pan, so that you can flip the pieces over easily to check if they are done.

4. Finally, add in the potatoes, carrots and curry sauce mix.

5. Let the sauce simmer in the frying pan. Add some water if you deem it too starchy or dry. It’s all up to you!

6. Serve with rice at the side.



Japanese curry sauce – This pack actually comes with pre-cut potatoes, carrots and corn, so if you feel extra lazy you can just warm it up and serve it with rice.

Mirin – In case you were wondering what mirin is, it is a Japanese condiment which contains about 14% alcohol. It adds a mild sweetness to dishes, and in particular, it helps to mask the smell of seafood.

For a substitute, mix sake and sugar in the ratio of 3:1.

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2 thoughts on “CHEAT! Japanese Curry Rice

  1. Yuki says:

    I can’t seem to find it in Daiso anymore, the mirin.

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