CHEAT! Caramelized Banana & Baked Custard Pie

“We’ll do it all / Everything / On our own”… So if you recognize these lyrics you’d know that they are lyrics from the band Snow Patrol’s hit “Chasing Cars” many years ago. We, the Tummy Trolls, we’re just like that precisely. Sometimes we really want to do everything on our own, from scratch, because we’re that ambitious and also a bit too silly sometimes. (#chubkaichun, remember how we tried to make marshmallows without making any precise measurements?)

But honestly, we’re just as lazy and hungry as all students are and we want our steaks to come to us the minute we arrive back home, if not split seconds. It is impossible to be conscientiously cooking away all the time. We understand how excruciating it is to watch the seconds tick away before the microwave timer finally reaches 0, so this is it, we are cheating on our recipes. We are giving you the real deal – A delicious meal made in the shortest time, easiest steps, and cheapest ingredients. Sounds like a challenge? Challenge accepted!

PS. Watch out for our CHEAT series – Shortest time, easiest steps, cheapest ingredients! Super duper easy peasy. We’d be so quick and nifty like ninjas.


Ingredients for CHEAT! Caramelized Banana & Baked Custard Pie: Serves 4-6

For the biscuit base:
5 Digestives Biscuits – Sainsbury’s Basics, 28p. Duh just get it!
2 tablespoons Butter, melted
1 tablespoon Sugar

For the custard pie:
500ml Custard
200ml Granulated Sugar
2 Bananas – 1 mashed, 1 sliced. Plucked from the garden. Uh okay gotcha, we don’t really grow bananas as much as we love eating them. Sadly.


Biscuit Base
1. Crush the biscuits. Do it the fast way – Pop them into a plastic bag and squish it with your hands. Quite therapeutic especially for those angry days. Don’t over do it though, crumbly is good but not too fine and powdery!

2.  Smother the biscuit crumbs with the melted butter. Mix thoroughly then throw in the sugar. It should be a lumpy block by now.

3. Grease baking tin or dish with butter. Press the biscuit base as you lay it out, making sure that it becomes a dense, hard layer.

4. Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 5 for 15 minutes. Pop your biscuit base in for 10 minutes til it turns a lovely roasty kind of colour. You’re done with the base!

Custard Pie
1. Pour in all the custard on the base like a tsunami. Smile. Pop it into your oven for another 15minutes, till the custard starts to bubble and transform into a stunning bright yellow.

2. Meanwhile, pour the sugar into a pan over extremely low fire. It should slowly melt, thicken and turn into a deep brown colour. This step is called caramelizing. Throw in the mashed banana and stir it consistently for 15 minutes. Or 10 minutes if you’re lazy.

3. Take out your baked custard pie and arrange the slices of banana on it. You can unleash the Picasso in you but there’s just so much we can do with banana slices.

4. Drizzle the caramelized banana onto your pie. And dig in!



Custard pie says: “Smother me, caramelized banana!”

Too fast too furious, just can’t wait to devour the custard pie nowwwwww!

Best served piping hot from the oven. Quite a cheap and fast treat!

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