Step-By-Step: French Herb Roulade (Spring Greens & Sausage Meat)

Uh-oh, wait! Don’t exit this page just because you can’t pronounce the word “Roulade”. Ruuuu-laid. Rooo-laid. Remember to make it a bit nasal and sexy, the French way. Yeah, that’s right, you got it!

Wikipedia says The word roulade originates from the French word “rouler” meaning “to roll”. And it’s really just as simple as that. Technically, anything round and roll-y can be a roulade, from Japanese sushi to Swiss rolls to vegan wraps. Today the Tummy Trolls tackle a classic French Herb Roulade and gives it a snarky troll twist – But yummy nevertheless. Enjoy the step by step demonstration…We apologize if we can’t show photos of us cutting ’em onions up but if you really need to see us tearing at the chopping boards, feel free drop us comments at the bottom of the page. Tada!


Ingredients for French Herb Roulade (Spring Greens & Sausage Meat): Serves 2-3

For the Roulade wrap
3 large eggs
1 handful of mixed herbs (feel free to prescribe the herbs you like best, I am lazy and I like it mixed)
Salt, to taste

For the sautéed Spring Greens
1 large bunch of spring greens, julienned
1 small onion, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
Honey, to taste
Salt, to taste

For the sautéed Sausage Meat
200g sausage meat (I bought the seasoned one but you can buy it unseasoned and play around with the marinating. A little pepper and salt should do the trick)
1 small onion, thinly sliced
Stalks of spring greens, diced
1 tablespoon olive oil


Step-By-Step: French Herb Roulade (Spring Greens & Sausage Meat)

Step 1: Brown the onions in olive oil

Onions, I will marry you if you stop making me cry.

In case you’re wondering what olive oil is better for this dish, go Light & Mild! Not too heavy on taste and light enough for gentle frying.

Onions and oil. Sauteed onions in oil. A love story always starts this way.

Step 2: Throw in the Spring Greens!

Spent an entire afternoon to julienne the spring greens, stalks removed. Spring Greens are actually relatives of the Chinese favourite, kaile / kailan. They taste similar too, with that distinct bitter after taste.

It needs to be sautéed at medium-high heat.

How now brown cow, when it looks this awesome. Season with honey and salt to balance the bitter after-taste (or go without it if you like it bitter).

Leave it at a side to tempt your friends who’re waiting for you to finish cooking.

Step 3: Sautéed Sausage Meat

Onions and olive oil again! This time with the stalkers stalks of Spring Greens, which takes a longer time to cook than the tender leaves. What more, it gives the sausage meat nice crunch too!

Fry till it’s browned and in a mince-like form.

It has transformed into a work of art.

Step 5: Make the eggy roulade wraps, essentially paper-thin omelettes

Remember to beat the eggs more to create a more fluffy texture!

Heat olive oil in the pan to medium-low heat before making the omelette.

The white lumps look a bit benign but I assure you it’s stubborn egg white strands that I couldn’t remove properly. Sigh.

Flip flip. If you cook like a boss you can flip the egg. Sadly, I still can’t do it. *Embarrassed*

There! Herb-spiked egg omelettes, ready to be used as roulade wraps.

Step 6: Rolling in the deep

Gather all your ingredients and get ready for a great roll.

First the layer of Spring Greens.

Then the sausage meat. We were ambitious and hence did a roll within a roll but if you want to keep it simple, just one layer will do!

Place on top of greasing paper to roll it, the hygienic way. If you really want to use your hands, go ahead, but please tell me you washed your hands after going to the washroom.

Roll from one side. Make it a tight roll, the ingredients shouldn’t be falling all over!

Rolling in the deep – Adele would approve. Squeeze gently into a nice shape.

Now, doesn’t this look sweet?

Step 7: Savour the sweet success

The tummy beckons. Bring it on!


Note: Some recipes call for thicker and fluffy omelette wraps. We say, why not? We just liked it better thin because it is easier to roll it that way. Feel free to substitute the sausage meat with beef, pork or chicken mince! Don’t like Spring Greens? Use other leafy vegetables then! It’s your call.

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